Hello, Nice to meet you

My name is Nona Jordan

I help conscious women in business - coaches, psychologists, healing professionals, and creatives - who are ready to envision, create and experience a deeply abundant, more-than-enough business and life. Expect transformation.

Why me? 

As a master certified coach and psychologist with an undergraduate degree in business (I'm a former CPA), I offer the right balance of practical, supportive smarts and the ability to walk you through the inner work of transformation. However, the extra oomph that I bring to the work we will do is the mastery of teaching and facilitating ancient healing practices and intuitive energy medicine.

I pursued all of the knowledge and healing I share with you because abundance, worthiness, and enoughness have been my life-long teachers. The scarcity wounding I experienced has led me on a profound healing journey that continues to this day. From being deep in debt while running the finance department of a publically traded company (talk about shame...) to being confronted with my own worthiness ceiling and moving beyond, our tenderest wounds are the portal to our most unfathomable light.

In other words - I get it. Yes, I have deep knowledge as a coach, psychologist, and former CPA but I personally understand the anxiety, the fear, the narratives, and the beliefs that prevent you from claiming and stepping toward the beautiful, abundant, more than enough business and life you really want. 


I do this work

I want you to own your power. I see so many women leave their power on the table. Why? Because in our families and in western culture, women have been devalued and diminished - it can feel like swimming upstream to challenge the narratives that tell us we are not enough, that we should be quiet, that we should not be loud, or angry or insist on equity. Let's shift the narrative to wholeness, clarity, and empowered action for the life and world you want to create.

I want to you be grounded in your innate worthiness. Too many women shy away from being seen or heard. I am committed to you finally, blessedly rooting into your beauty, your joy, your desire -- your more-than-enough life! Let's envision and create generative futures for you, your family, your work, and your community to thrive. 

I know our futures depend on all of us waking up, healing, and boldly moving into action. My work is devoted to you, to our daughters and sons, and to the regeneration of our planet. I do this work to empower you to choose your most beautiful and powerful path for you. I do this because I thrive on supporting women like you who are ready to change your life, yes. But I also deeply believe that this work changes the lives around you.

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Need to Know

Fun facts about me

I'm a Capricorn, Scorpio rising. My Myers Briggs profile is INFJ. I am enneagram type 8.

I love to travel. I'm from the PNW. My favorite place we've lived is Zambia. Hawaii is a close second.

I love bad jokes and GIF's. My laugh is SO loud. I suck at small talk. I am a hopeful realist.

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I thrive on my connection with women just like you.