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I'm Nona Jordan - and I provide coaching, practical mentorship, and spiritual support to conscious women in business who are ready to say yes to The Wild Journey Home to true self, authentic abundance, and right livelihood. 


Seen & Heard

What is your vision, sister?

Let's create your beautiful, more-than-enough business and life.

I see you.

You want to step into something more meaningful for yourself and for the world, however, there are some oh-so-normal (and not so often talked about) things that may be holding you back.

It may be the crushing sense that you don't have enough time, money, energy, or know-how to pursue the business or the life that you long for. Or, you may feel paralyzed by the judgemental narrative that you aren't good enough to have or to do what is most meaningful to you.

However, I know that you are capable, worthy, and deserving of a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough business and life of your dreams. I am a coach, thought partner, spiritual guide, and co-conspirator for women just like you.

Say yes to your unique vision for a more-than-enough life.

Your Wild Journey Home Starts Now

Take a Look

Where do you feel the expansive freedom of abundance? Where do you feel the pinch of scarcity wounding? Let's dive into the societal, familial, and cultural stories that are unconsciously driving you. 

Heal Scarcity Wounding

Our struggles with enoughness go so far beyond money. We work on all levels - mindset, somatic, spiritual, and energetic - to create change. 

Stop the Spin

A vision arises from a newfound sense of enoughness & capability. You'll find yourself with more confidence, inspiration, and clarity leading to joyful right action with less dysfunction.

Client Love

“Unbelievably powerful…”

"Working with Nona has completely altered the way that I view not only my business but also my life purpose. Over the last twelve months, I have felt held by Nona’s coaching style: unwavering faith and love. Nona’s guidance and support of my intentions have been unbelievably powerful. This heady combo helped me grow my practice, double my earnings, and feel free (encouraged even) to show up as myself in every facet of my business. It is such a beautiful gift to support yourself in this work."

-Mara Glatzel, Coach & Teacher

“doing business in new ways…”

"Working with Nona felt like a safe coming home. Through Nona’s sage guidance and the tools she provided, I started to unravel from the stories of not being good enough, or ready enough, or creative enough to claiming what my heart really wants in my business. In your time with Nona, you will be deeply seen and held so that you can start to see yourself and hold yourself in new ways. There is a way of doing business that honors you fully and you’ll learn how. I am big yes to any of Nona’s work!"

-Rachel Germann, Teacher and Healer

I'm Nona Jordan

As a master certified coach, breath and meditation facilitator, energy worker, applied psychologist, and former CPA, I've worked with thousands of women in business to heal their relationship with themselves which leads to deeply satisfying, more-than-enough lives. This is where everything is possible...

From developing a successful business of meaning to healing the scarcity wound to developing and launching dream programs to finally pursuing the "big" dream- all of the work I do is rooted in reverence for life... beginning with you.

Are you ready?

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You are the heroine of your own story.

No matter what circumstances, no matter what has happened to you — the way that you or I work with what we’ve been handed in life is what determines the end of the story.


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