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It's your time.

Whether you are a woman running a small business or you lead within a larger organization, your well-being: body, mind, and spirit is key to thriving. As a master coach, I have seen that sustainable growth and success depends on a commitment to well-being at the individual and cultural level.  Based on cutting edge coaching psychology, the latest neuroscience, and ancient mind-body practices, my approach empowers you to thrive and move into inspired, consistent action.  

Too many women who are on fire to lead change in meaningful, life-changing ways end up experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion — depleted physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. However, success that feels aligned and alive in the day to day doing is a natural expression of creating a strong foundation of holistic well-being to lead the life, and the business, that you envision. 

Let's create a strong foundation for you, and your work, to thrive.



Let's Talk About You. 



You are committed to the change you wish to see.

As powerful as your vision of change is, you find yourself depleted, stuck or plain worn out: emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally. I promise, when you commit to tending your wellbeing and creating a strong foundation  — right action emerges naturally. This is the heart-beat of creating change in all arenas.

Is this you? 

Your brilliance is rooted in the challenges you’ve walked through.

Our hardest moments define us in so many ways. You’ve grown stronger and wiser as a result of what you’ve experienced. And, as you focus on leading with an eye to creating a legacy, you may find that the lingering effects of the challenges you’ve faced and overcome are preventing you from moving forward. It’s time to glean the gold from your past and move forward with courage. 

You constantly strive to be better, to do more, to be your best.

A new paradigm is emerging. Burnout, stress, and lifestyle related disease is crippling us individually and societally. Here’s the thing — the success you want to create for yourself, within your organization, for your community, and the world depends on a different kind of culture. A culture that values, and fosters, wellbeing. This is not business as usual, but a call to bravely create a culture that brings out the best in you and those around you.

You are ready for a new way of moving through the world.

Focusing on wellbeing is an investment in sustainability. Collectively we have harbored an illusion of continuous growth, putting productivity above all else. This strategy is killing us, quite literally. You hold an enormous amount of potential, possibility, and genius -- wellbeing makes space for your brilliance, and so much more, to emerge. Expect transformation. 

It's time to create a new blueprint for the success you seek.











It's Your Time.

I am committed to helping you thrive from a strong foundation of wellbeing. 


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