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I help women heal the wound of scarcity and embody a powerful sense of wholeness that leads to claiming the life, the work, and the world that they envision.
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I see your power, your potential, and your promise.

As an empathic, heart-centered woman you find yourself dismissing your deepest desires, downplaying your abilities, and endlessly plagued by a sense of lack - not only in yourself, but also that there is not enough time, money, energy, love, support, or connection. Like a plant in need of water during a severe drought, you may feel empty and fragile, but sister, the life-giving water is within your grasp. 

It's time to recognize and heal the wound of scarcity.

  • The wound of scarcity activates the nervous system, decreasing clarity and your capacity to discern your own wisdom.
  • The wound of scarcity leads you to believe you are not enough, diminishing your confidence in who you are.
  • The wound of scarcity turns you toward addictive, numbing behaviors that ultimately exacerbate a sense of lack. 
  • The would of scarcity sets people against one another, fracturing your sense of connection and the support of others.
  • The wound of scarcity clouds your ability to draw on your resources to create the life, and the world, that you desire.

The scarcity wound is transmitted culturally and through families and without conscious healing, you will continue to perpetuate the pattern by making decisions that don't align with what you most want for yourself, based on the narrative of lack. Over a lifetime, this erodes your confidence and your perceived capacity to grow into the woman you long to be: powerful, alive, and deliciously tapped into your innate wholeness. 

You can heal and claim your power, sister. 

I specialize in supporting women like you who are ready to embody the power of your wholeness. You can do the hard, audacious, and meaningful work to heal the wounds of scarcity and boldly create the life, the work, and the world that you most want to live in - a world of more than enough -- beginning with you.  

What can you expect? Transformation.

Tap into Your Desires

It's time to own your vision for yourself. No apology necessary. This is the moment of truth - to choose yourself and who you want to be. Your vision is the seed of your desire and opens you to healing the scarcity wound and welcoming wholeness. 

Heal the Scarcity Wound

Receive support to heal the wound of scarcity. In courses, intimate circles, or via individual sessions, you will heal by turning toward the scarcity wound in order to restore wholeness. You will call in the rich resources and practices that bring you alive.

Claim Your Power

You have infinite potential and promise. Saying yes to the life, work, and world you want to live in requires your presence, your power, and your aliveness. When you heal the wound of scarcity, right action is inevitable. This is the powerful path of wealth in the truest sense. 


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I am dedicated to supporting you as you heal the scarcity wound and embody authentic wealth. I can't wait to see what you do with your power, sister!

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