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I create generative space for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to reclaim their power and take meaningful, courageous action with clarity and confidence. 
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As an entrepreneur, coach, or leader, you have felt horrified in the face of the brokenness of the world - systemic racism, global warming, and the growing disparity in wealth between individuals and even nations, to name a few. You want to do more, however, your anxiety about money holds you back or perhaps you are paralyzed by your fear of doing or saying the wrong thing and you collapse under the weight of feeling that as one person, you can’t do anything. However, you have the capacity to affect greater change than you know - it’s time to claim your power and take healing and empowerment to the next level both personally and professionally with an eye toward action on behalf of equity, sustainability, and collective thriving.

When you say yes to this work you will:

  • Have a clear vision of what is most important to you and align with your values personally, professionally, and in the wider world with a community of supportive, like-minded others walking by your side.
  • Compassionately “see”, unpack, and begin to heal from the wounds of scarcity, cultural expectations, and oppression within yourself finding greater peace and freedom as you heal. 
  • With discernment, joy, and courage you will be inspired to take positive, bold action that is good for you and good for the collective.

My name is Nona Jordan and I hold a master’s degree in applied psychology from Harvard Extension School. I am also a master coach, yoga, breath, and meditation instructor, energy healer, and former CPA. I have lived and traveled all over the world, most recently in Zambia, which fundamentally changed who I am and how I experience living in the western world. I bring all of my experiences together to create generative space for entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to take healing and empowerment to the next level by unraveling societal narratives both personally and professionally with an eye toward action on behalf of regenerative healing and thriving. 

Let's co-create a new world, together.

Individual Coaching

You know what kind of world you want to inhabit - and you are ready to do the necessary work to develop your voice and strategy and utilize your position as a leader, an entrepreneur, or a healing professional to step into the harder conversations (and actions) that matter to you on a larger scale.

Heal & Rest in Community

You are actively stepping out and using your voice and platform for what matters most to you. Here you will find a dedicated space of soul nourishment and support in community with others who are doing the work to unravel scarcity and systems of oppression. Rest is an act of revolution.

Mastermind of Meaning

You recognize that we are all still learning and grappling with what it means to change the world we live in. Come into a community that provides connection and critical conversations on how we live, coach, lead, and support in ways that center both the individual and the collective need for change.

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I am dedicated to supporting you as you come into right relationship with money, heal the scarcity wound, and claim peace, power, and freedom. I can't wait to see what you do, sister!

Your time is now. Let's do this.