More clarity, energy, and right action

Step into a dynamic and spacious container of deep support to help you grow yourself and your business.

I see you.

You are doing meaningful work that is changing your corner of the world. However, there are some oh-so-normal (and not so often talked about) things that may be slowing you down.

  • It is so typical to (frustratingly) bump into persistent challenging patterns that create deep resistance to making the bold moves you are ready to make. 
  • You are doing big work, but you are overworking and feeling it. You need more intentional support to continue expanding your work.
  • The cultural narrative around bootstrapping and doing it all by yourself is not only creating overwhelm but is working against you. 
  • You long for a strong container - a thought partner, coach, and guide that sees you and holds your vision for yourself and your business. 

I see your magnificent authenticity and the power of your desire to contribute to a better world. The world needs your voice, your art, and your gifts now more than ever. 

I'm Nona Jordan - I am a master certified coach, applied psychologist, a long-time teacher of ancient spiritual practices, and former CPA for conscious women just like you.

I carry the practical magic to support you and your great work.

Client Love

“"Working with Nona felt like a safe coming home. Through Nona’s sage guidance and the tools she provided, I started to unravel from the stories of not being good enough, ready enough, or creative enough to claiming what my heart really wants in my business. In your time with Nona, you will be deeply seen and held so that you can start to see yourself and hold yourself in new ways. There is a way of doing business that honors you fully and you’ll learn how. I am big yes to any of Nona’s work!" ”

Rachel Germann, Teacher and Healer

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