Energy work + divine guidance for healing, clarity and right action. 

How would it feel to be intuitively guided and energetically supported to move toward your deepest desires? A Medicine Vision is an individual distance healing and visioning session. This co-creative experience is led by your intentions and the divine -- what you receive is part divine guidance, part healing, and part energy work. The vision is a love letter to you from your soul revealing what you most need to know to move forward with wisdom, while the energy work anchors your intentions into your energy body.

Let's explore your deepest intentions and bring them to life - through your Medicine Vision. Access more healing, greater light, a richer sense of who you are and the path that is in front of you. 

Note: each year, I open the doors for Medicine Visions twice and I only offer 15 sessions each time the doors open. Get on the list. 

Medicine Vision Session | $300.00

Medicine Vision Sessions offer unconventional, radical guidance for the path that is in front of you. 

To be purposeful women during this particular time in history, you need space to listen closely to the pulse of your own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for your attention. This turn inward to listen to your heart, is a master key to wise action, knowing your personal truth and most important; living a life and engaging in work, that is deeply meaningful to you.

Medicine Visions are an opportunity to connect with yourself in a whole new way -- through a guided experience of your soul's wisdom. 

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Hi there, I'm Nona Jordan.

As a master leadership coach, teacher and intuitive guide, I support coaches, healing practitioners, therapists and creative entrepreneurs who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels. Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices and unconventional wisdom, I am committed to lifting you up and helping you amplify your wealth of resources to experience the soul-level success that you desire. I believe we all need the sacred as much as we need the practical to create our vision of soul-level success. Medicine Visions are an offering of the sacred to support you, and your deepest desires. 

I've experienced these visions since childhood however, I consciously asked at a young age for the information to be less intense - I remember it scared me because I understood and knew things that I really didn't need to. Even in a toned down state, this has saved my life and helped my career. I've always trusted the information and it's never steered me in the wrong direction. Over the last nine years of coaching and healing work, I've brought this gift into my work to benefit my clients. I've worked more deliberately with this information and shared it more widely in various ways. However, the potency of Medicine Visions when combined with energy work and sacred practice is off the charts. You will receive healing, greater clarity and affirmation for the journey you are on.  

I am a master certified coach, advanced energy healer, an earth medicine practitioner as well as a meditation and yoga teacher. I am the author of Surf Lessons: Exploring the Power of Nature to Awaken Abundance, available at, as well as the creator of Get Right with Money, a world-renowned course on building a better relationship with yourself and your financial resources. In addition to personal coaching and visioning, I lead vibrant, online groups for women around the world. 

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You may love a Medicine Vision Session if:

  • You love energy work and believe in it's efficacy. Listen, sister. Not everyone feels it. If you do, you will love the energy charts that I use for all of the energy work. Calling on your Akashic record keepers, your divine guides and the crystalline energy of the universe, this energy work + visioning is potent and clarifying. Perfect to support and hold your intentions at any time. Through your intentions, we will have an idea of where we are going but the outcome is often surprising and radical in where it takes you.
  • You resonate strongly with imagery and metaphor. The information that I receive from your guides and Akashic record keepers is most often presented to me in images that are metaphorical. These intuitive visions that I see on your behalf often bring "truth tears" and healing in the transmission of the vision alone. 
  • You are open to the magic of intuition and sacred guidance. Medicine Vision Sessions are not based on a deck or any kind of set intuitive guidance. I do this energy work and visioning by attuning to your energy and intentions and calling in Divine Intelligence as well as your guides and Record Keepers. Magic happens.

Each Medicine Vision is unique. Just like you.

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Curious? Want to know more? 

Using a blend of advanced energy healing, access to your Akashic Records and my unique form of intuitive visioning -- I will attune to your guides, your energy and your intentions tod create a beautiful energy work chart based on sacred geometry and crystalline energy healing. While creating that chart and working with your energy and intentions, I receive a vision: your soul's love letter to you. The vision provides guidance from your soul, the divine, your record keepers and guides. You will feel seen, loved and held by the universe ready to move in the direction of your dreams. 

As part of your Medicine Vision Session, you will receive: 

  • A chart based on sacred geometry: a visual representation of your unique intentions and the energy work that supports your intentions - the energy work anchors your intentions into your energy body.  
  • A written account of the vision that I see which includes divine guidance from your record keepers and guides. I often think of this as a communique from your soul. Uniquely yours, the metaphors and images hold teachings and information that is just for you and your intentions.
  • A recording of the vision. The recording will be one you go back to again and again. The written report is fabulous, but the recording is a transmission that you will feel as many times as you listen to it. 
  • Breathwork support. To dive into the elements of the vision and receive an even deeper transmission, I provide a breathwork journey that will help you connect to, and understand, the vision and what it means for you. 
  • One sacred practice prescription. I am such a believer in sacred practice to amplify results. You will receive a piece of medicine from the archives of my programs that will offer you a practice or an inquiry that will support you as you live into the magic of the Medicine Vision.
  • One magical extra: a tarot or oracle card may come forward that is relevant to your intentions and energy work. It may be a piece of animal or plant wisdom. This is a process that is unique to you, so it's a surprise, even to me, what extra love is just for you. 

So here's how it works: 

  1. Once you pay, you will be redirected to a Medicine Vision Q&A form.  If you aren't redirected to the Q&A form, let me know so I can send you a link to the form lickety-split!
  2. After you fill out that form and hit Submit, your intentions will be placed on my altar, held by intentional sacred energies until it's your time.
  3. I will tell you on the day that I will be doing your session. It's not necessary to do anything different, but you may wish to drink extra water, spend time outdoors or somehow mark your day as sacred. I call on your guides, allies, and Akashic record keepers and spend nearly two hours working with your energy and the Medicine. Once I complete your session, you will receive the written missive, the recording, notes, a clarifying breath practice, your sacred practice prescription and follow up instructions to support you in moving forward. Prepare to experience clarity, lightness of being and a readiness to move forward.


I would love to see what potent healing, clarity and guidance is waiting for you.

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What People are Saying

I’ve been just totally blown away by your medicine vision work. I received so many body hits when I first read through it that I didn’t know what was happening to me.
— TH

The Medicine Vision is a vital part of this piece I’m working around what I want to experience in 2017, what I want to craft. It has really helped to synthesise these rather abstract parts and pieces of my vision for 2017.
— AP

I am crying as I write, eyes blurry with the wetness of a river of healing. Your Vision for me rang so true, so deep in my soul that I am grateful to you/for you always.
— SW
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You've got Questions. I've got Answers.


Q: How often is it "safe" to have a Medicine Vision done?

Medicine Visions can be clarifying and healing -- frequency is a very individual decision. Medicine Visions and the CCT energy work can't harm you in any way. That being said, it's so important to let the intentions of your current Medicine Vision and energy work take root and transform you. In any change process, there is the beginning where you are excited about your intentions, the energy is up and enthusiastic... and then, right on time, comes chaos. That part of ANY change where old patterns have to be released. Chaos can be emotionally charged and challenging when the old energy is leaving to make way for the new energy and it's time to take inspired action on behalf of our dreams. Often, this is a part of our human experience that people are looking to avoid by doing energy work - what I've found over the years is that the energy work and visioning makes it a quicker process but go through the chaos we must. It's part of the delicious contrast of the human experience that leads us to fruition and manifestation. 

I've recently been reviewing my Medicine Visions from past years and honestly, I find that the intentions, and the energy work, just keep working. I keep turning the corner and spiraling up to new levels of understanding with the intentions from my past. So, if you feel called, you can have Medicine Visions often. However, beware the desire to bypass a certain experience -- or a feeling of desperation or wanting everything "fixed". Energy work and Visioning supports a full and rich life. It's comforting, healing and insightful but it will not eliminate the joy and sorrow of being human. 

Q: Where do the Visions come from? 

Well, I've had them my whole life so your guess is as good as mine. However, as I've done this work with thousands of clients I think of the Visions as that place Rumi speaks of, "Out beyond the field of right and wrongdoing..." you and I, we energetically meet there when I begin the Medicine Vision session. Soul to soul, in that sacred space, I'm shown stories, images and information that is just for you. What is fascinating is that no two Medicine Visions have ever been the same and that leads me to believe that the messages are for you, from your own Soul. Of course, they are filtered through my brain and my experience, but they are yours.

As soon as I complete your Medicine Vision, I thank your guides, masters and teachers and seal and complete our session, effectively separating our energy (believe me, I don't want to walk around with so many people's soul information knocking around in my energy). At that point, what you choose to do is up to you, but I give you ways to work with the medicine that will be transformative. 

Q: What if I have a question you don't answer here? 

Please reach out. I would love to hear from you. Simply hop on over to my Contact Form and drop me a line. I am ridiculously prompt at answering email -- it's the Capricorn in me.