It's your time.

I work with natural born leaders and change-makers: creative, intuitive and spiritual women in business who want to create a rich tapestry of sustainable, meaningful work and a beautiful, fulfilling life - the life you want, not whatever idea of a successful life the media or society is pushing. I am talking fiery, spiritual devotion meets real-world engagement as you attune to your natural wisdom and wealth of inner resources. 

Are you ready for a different experience of yourself?






In Flow

Embodied Leadership Coaching

Dynamic space to be heard is a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up. 

To be engaged and purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space to listen closely to the pulse of our own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for our attention. Not only is this healing, but I have found it to be a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing personal truth.

My coaching philosophy is that there is no single methodology that fits every person or situation - you are unique and the approach we take when we work together will depend entirely on where you are in your life and what you want to experience. My deepest desire is for you to have a fully lived, abundant and deeply pleasurable journey through life on your terms: body, breath & soul. 

I'm a good choice for you if: 

  • You struggle with a persistent experience of "not enough". You are a woman who is ready to clear away the rubble of self-doubt that leads to overwork and overdoing. It's your time to come home to the truth of your natural, instinctual wholeness. By releasing the need for external validation and letting go of the idea that there is "something to fix", you will know the full depths of your vast wealth of resources, sister. Our work might weave together embodied leadership coaching, soul-teaching, breathwork and homeplay practices that support you in trusting yourself and your innate wealth.
  • You want to clarify your vision. You are a woman who has a frustrating bottleneck of ideas and inspiration bubbling and percolating. It's time to play with your ideas and inspiration to find the path that is yours to take. Let's clarify your vision for your beautiful future by tuning in to your deepest, embodied wisdom and your soul's desire. Our work might weave together embodied leadership coaching, energy work and homeplay practices designed to keep your energy and your ideas flowing. 
  • You are ready to move into focused, inspired action. Girl, you are on fire and you are are ready for sustainable, steady get it done energy. It's your time to live into what success will look like and feel like from inside your skin. We will walk together every step of the way with fluid and inspired action, my loving nudges and unwavering energetic and practical support. Our work together might weave together embodied leadership coaching, mentorship, soul-teaching and energy work with steady action steps to get it done. 
  • You've gotten what you thought you wanted, so why are you restless? Sometimes success doesn't feel much like success. Sometimes, it's important to change your mind, or change your direction. This is an opportunity to celebrate where you've been and what you've accomplished -- through reflection, you are invited to discern what is working and what isn't in order to let go and move toward a new vision. Our work together might weave together spiritual mentorship, breathwork, contemplative practices and invitations to engage deeply in intimacy and pleasure with your life in order to open to what's next for you. 

Note: The work we will do together is fluid as well as experiential, meaning hands-on, do the work, be the change. Not listen to me, nod, and forget about it. I will invite you time and time again to embody your unique energy and rhythm through trust - to be the person you want to be through meaningful action and by cultivating a loving presence with yourself.

Let's create a rich tapestry of sustainable, meaningful work and a beautiful, fulfilling life for you. 

How it Works

I work with a limited number of individual clients, so if you feel a resounding hell yes in your body - let's talk. My deepest desire is for you to have a fully lived, abundant and deeply pleasurable life on your terms: body, breath & soul. Now is your time, sister.

When we work together, you can expect:

  •  2, 60 to 90-minute individual sessions each month for a minimum of 3 months. Individual sessions based on you and your sacred desires and commitments. From leadership & business coaching, to energy medicine to breathwork - each session is uniquely tailored to support you.
  • Inspired action. Tools, Practices and Invitations between sessions.  Individualized coaching tools and as well as customized practices of embodiment and practical invitations that will support your success: body, breath & soul. 
  • eMail Support. I'm on your team when we work together. I am available via email and/or text (your choice) Monday through Friday to support you.


The monthly fee is $375.00 per month, for a minimum of 3 months so we can get into the deep, transformational waters together. For prior clients, I offer single 60 - 90 minute sessions monthly or as-needed, for $175.00 per session. 

Are you ready for healing, clarity and energized action? I'm ready to support your sacred success: body, breath & soul. 

What Women Are Saying

“Working with Nona has completely altered the way that I view not only my business, but also my life purpose.

Over the last twelve months, I have felt held by Nona’s coaching style: unwavering faith and love. Nona’s guidance and support of my intentions has been unbelievably powerful. This heady combo helped me grow my practice, double my earnings in 2013, and feel free (encouraged even) to show up as myself in every facet of my business. It is such a beautiful gift to support yourself in this work.”
— — Mara Glatzel, Intuitive Coach + Writer

Nona’s work is profoundly potent and clarifying. Her deep energy work and skilled coaching helped me untangle my resistance to simply accepting the flow of abundance that was rushing toward me. She helped me rewire my beliefs about money, creativity and success in a way that fosters true, soul-stirring authenticity in my personal and professional life. And for the very first time I feel as though I truly embody my purpose and my unlimited potential. Her work is life-changing. Life. Changing.
— — Tracey Selingo, Founder of

Working with Nona is like stepping into a magic chamber. I knew from past experiences that working with Nona would lead to new insights and transformation — weaving in breathwork took me to a completely different level of understanding and embodiment.

What has been most surprising is how much more relaxed I can allow myself to be about the “shoulds” and “doings” of my life. I have more trust in the process of life’s unfolding and I’m not as self-conscious about getting everything right all of the time. I highly recommend working with Nona — it will connect you to the wisdom your body is just waiting for you to discover within!
— — Jill Farmer, Master Coach and Speaker