It's your time.

As a women's transformation coach and guide, I support coaches, healing practitioners, therapists and creative entrepreneurs who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels. Soul-level success that is a result of embodying and expressing your strength, wisdom and the Truth in all arenas of your life. It is time for you to stand up and be seen and heard -- it's time to live into your Truth in work, in your life, in yourSelf. 

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up depleted emotionally, financially and spiritually. However, success that feels abundant, aligned, attuned and alive is available by nourishing your sacred resources as a strong foundation from which to create and manifest. 

Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices of healing and restoration, as well as unconventional wisdom, I am committed to your intentions and to supporting you in building your vision so you experience the soul-level success that you desire. 

My background in corporate accounting as well as being a long-time yogini, intuitive guide and energy worker has deeply shaped me and the way I work with women. In order to create soul-level success, I believe you need the sacred as much as you need the practical to experience and celebrate success that reflects your vision.


Are you ready to create your vision of soul-level success?

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Let's Work Together

To be purposeful women during this particular time in history, you need more space to be fully seen and heard as well as to have the space to listen closely to the pulse of your own Truth. This turn inward is a master key to experiencing your innate wealth and to move into the inspired action that leads to soul-level success on your terms. 

Are we a good fit? Let me tell you more: 

The space that I offer you is clarifies and amplifies -- if you think about a garden, the richness and the thickness of the topsoil is everything. It makes, or breaks, the health and vitality of whatever you are growing. The work we will do together helps you amend the proverbial topsoil -- creating a strong foundation from which to grow the life and the work of your dreams. This naturally amplifies the energy and the inspired action that creates soul-level success.

Some shared qualities, values and intentions that I've noticed in my ideal clients are:  

You are sensitive and empathic and you want to build a business that honors your true nature. You likely feel some degree of resistance to dealing directly with your money or creating systems or sharing your work widely in the way that will make you more visible because acting on traditional business, money and marketing advice depletes you. You know you want a different way because you just cannot muster any energy for "traditional" methods and ideas. I offer you space to heal and tend yourself to come into a state of energy balance and flow - the very ground of lasting transformation. 

You are ready to experience a deep and wide connection with your sacred resources. Through the art of sacred practice, you can tend your other core resources in ways that amplify wealth for yourself and yes, the world. This changes the story and offers you freedom and incredibly personal authority (and alleviates much of the resistance to stepping into your work and inviting in more financial flow).

You want to grow your business in alignment with your deep wisdom. Traditional business advice need not apply. This is not business as usual, but a call to knowing and moving into the work that is yours to do in a way that is aligned with your sacred rhythm of manifestation. Create the very foundation of a life and work that is deeply satisfying and feels like success in the doing. By attuning to your own deep wisdom and wealth of resources, you will naturally take the actions that create the successful business and bank account you seek. 

Note: The work we will do together is not only a deep dive into the very essence of your sacred resources, but it is also experiential and deeply personal. I offer you space and practices that amplify your sense of the powerful resources that are at the very heart of your being. Now is the time to access your Truth and to move into courageous and bold action that creates success that feels like success in the doing. 

Let me show you how. 

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Ready to Get Started?

I want to make sure that your desires and intentions + the way I work are an exact perfect fit, so every relationship I enter into begins with you + me and a 15-minute consultation. Once we chat and you decide that I am the coach that will help you create the life and work of wealth that you want, then we'll get your payments set up and your first session scheduled. 

When we decide that we are going to work together, you can expect: 

  •  50-minute sessions each week for 3 months (or, twice per month for 6 months). You are here to do the work - regularly scheduled sessions ensure that you stay close to your intentions and develop the sacred practices and containers that support the cultivation of your innate wealth to move toward your vision of soul-level success. 
  • Energy medicine and tools of wisdom and intuition are at your disposal for each and every session. A mini-Medicine Vision to support you and your intentions during each session. Depending on you, and your intentions for the session, I may bring in other tools and wisdom teachings to support you. 
  • Inspired action between sessions. Expect homework, practices and invitations between sessions to keep you grounded in your wisdom, on track and in the flow.  
  • eMail or text Support, Monday through Friday. I work with a limited number of women individually so you have deep attention and care. By the time we are done, I want you to be celebrating your intention and then some. I am right here with you when we work together. 

Investment | $2,700.00

Are you ready for growth and transformation in unexpected ways? 

Let's begin with a brief consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Please note: Currently my roster is full through the end of 2018. Please contact me to be put on a wait list.
I work with a limited number of women individually so I can offer you my full attention. When we work together, I am with you every step of the way. I would love to talk to you about your own sacred path of amplifying wealth and moving toward your vision of greater success. 

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What Women Are Saying

“Working with Nona has completely altered the way that I view not only my business, but also my life purpose.

Over the last twelve months, I have felt held by Nona’s coaching style: unwavering faith and love. Nona’s guidance and support of my intentions has been unbelievably powerful. This heady combo helped me grow my practice, double my earnings in 2013, and feel free (encouraged even) to show up as myself in every facet of my business. It is such a beautiful gift to support yourself in this work.”
— — Mara Glatzel, Intuitive Coach + Writer

Nona’s work is profoundly potent and clarifying. Her deep energy work and skilled coaching helped me untangle my resistance to simply accepting the flow of abundance that was rushing toward me. She helped me rewire my beliefs about money, creativity and success in a way that fosters true, soul-stirring authenticity in my personal and professional life. And for the very first time I feel as though I truly embody my purpose and my unlimited potential. Her work is life-changing. Life. Changing.
— — Tracey Selingo, Founder of

Working with Nona is like stepping into a magic chamber. I knew from past experiences that working with Nona would lead to new insights and transformation — I now have a completely different level of understanding and embodiment.

What has been most surprising is how much more relaxed I can allow myself to be about the “shoulds” and “doings” of my life. I have more trust in the process of life’s unfolding and I’m not as self-conscious about getting everything right all of the time. I highly recommend working with Nona — it will connect you to the wisdom your body is just waiting for you to discover within!
— — Jill Farmer, Master Coach and Speaker
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