I'm Nona Jordan


As a master leadership coach, teacher and intuitive guide, I support coaches, healing practitioners, therapists and creative entrepreneurs who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels.

Because sister, I've experienced too much of what society deems "success" that felt absolutely horrible and sucked my soul dry - that is the common western model of most work and as a women in business for yourself, you get to do it differently. 

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up depleted emotionally, financially and spiritually. However, success that feels abundant, aligned, attuned and alive is available by creating a strong foundation on which to create and manifest. 

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    Let's Talk About You.


    You are sensitive, empathic, intuitive and very likely, exhausted or overwhelmed. 

    You likely feel some degree of resistance to dealing directly with your money, creating systems and sharing your work widely in the way that will make you more visible because acting on traditional business, money and marketing advice depletes you. You know you want a different way because you just cannot muster any energy for "traditional" methods and ideas. I offer you space to heal and tend yourself through ancient practices that will bring you into a state of energy balance and flow. 

    You are ready to experience and celebrate your true wealth. 

    Yes, let's dive deep into your relationship with money but we won't stop there. Money is a portal, a doorway to knowing the essence of your wealth. Through the mystery of sacred practice, you can tend your other core resources in ways that amplify wealth for yourself and yes, the world. This changes the story and offers you freedom and incredibly personal authority (and alleviates much of the resistance to stepping into your work and inviting in more financial flow).

    You want your business to be a beacon of your deep wisdom.

    Traditional business advice need not apply. This is not business as usual, but a call to knowing and moving into the work that is yours to do in a way that is aligned with your sacred rhythm of manifestation. Create the very foundation of a life and work that is deeply satisfying and feels like success in the doing. By attuning to your own deep wisdom and wealth of resources, you will naturally take the actions that create the successful business and bank account you seek. 


    My Purpose & Passion


    My purpose and my passion is for you to know, tend and ground into your innate wealth of resources so you can experience soul-level success that not only feels delicious in the doing, but is financially rewarding. 

    I am an amplifier. What that means in practical terms is that I mirror to you the very truth of who you are and what you are capable of. You see, and experience, the possibilities that are yours to play with and the essence of wealth that you have to work with. I amplify the healing that is required, the clarity that you seek and the energy you have to make your dreams manifest.

    I don't believe the work is worth doing unless you are all in. And by all in, I mean, ready to dive deep into the shadowy waters of emotion, energy and belief that are clouding your vision and holding you hostage. If you are ready to shine light into the darker spaces of your experience, I am a well-traveled, loving guide on the path. 

    My background in corporate accounting as well as being a long-time yogini, intuitive guide and energy worker has deeply shaped me and the way I work with women. Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices and unconventional wisdom, I am committed to lifting you up and helping you amplify your wealth of resources to experience the soul-level success that you desire. 


    I believe you need the sacred as much as you need the practical to experience success that feels like success in the day to day doing.


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    Working with Nona changed my life. Really.

    Her rigor, grace, and love created a space in which I was able to break through my money legacy, reframe my relationship to abundance and feel genuinely in charge of my business decisions for the first time ever. Her guidance helped me launch a wildly-successful subscription program. And our work together continues to help me show up every day for what I truly want in my business - and in my life.

    — Sasha Torres, Owner of Sheep Spot