Live with personal authority, joy and meaning.

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I'm Nona Jordan: master coach, healer and teacher to healing practitioners, coaches, teachers and creative women in business. What I know to be true is that your birthright is to experience and trust your knowing, your strength and your actions in each moment to make manifest the life, the business and the world you believe in.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this can all be done with a presence of clarity and ease, instead of driven by anxiety and overdoing. When we work together, I bring coaching, earth and energy medicine as well as embodiment practices that connect you deeply to your innate wealth of resources. 

Prepare yourself for a radically different experience of yourself and know yourself as the strong, capable and oh-so-worthy woman that you are, instinctually. 

Are you ready to move through your world in a whole new way? 

Sound good? Okay then. Let's go!

Working with Nona changed my life. Really.

Her rigor, grace, and love created a space in which I was able to break through my money legacy, reframe my relationship to abundance and feel genuinely in charge of my business decisions for the first time ever. Her guidance helped me launch a wildly-successful subscription program. And our work together continues to help me show up every day for what I truly want in my business - and in my life.
— Sasha Torres, Owner of Sheep Spot