Hello, I'm Nona Jordan

As a master leadership coach, teacher and author, I support women in business who want to create and experience soul-level success that feels like success every day and beyond. Women like you, who are facing the challenges of living and working well with courage, grace, grit and a generous dusting of the sacred. Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices and unconventional wisdom, I am committed to your intentions and to supporting you in the daily practices that amplify your wealth of resources so you experience the soul-level success that you desire. 

My background in corporate accounting as well as being a long-time yogini, intuitive guide and energy worker has deeply shaped me and the way I work with women. In order to create soul-level success, we need the sacred as much as we need the practical to experience and celebrate the lives, businesses, and communities that reflect our vision.

    If you seek:

    • To amplify and grow your resources: Yes, let's talk money at length. But let's go deeper so you know the essence of your wealth. Money is a wonderful result, but it's not the source of wealth. Learn to tend your other core resources in ways that amplify wealth for yourself and yes, the world. This changes the story and introduces you to the very heart of your power as a woman.
    • To tend your life and your resources in alignment with your deep wisdom: I call this the sacred art of practice and attention. Devotion to the daily rhythms and practices that support you support you, your life, your business -- tending your precious resources is sacred work. This may not sound sexy, but what we do everyday is more indicative of what kind of life we will live than what we do once in a while. Sacred practice is where inspiration meets action and changes the world. Sacred practices create the very foundation of a life and work that is deeply satisfying.  
    • To speak, and live, your truth: words matter. The way that you listen, and speak, to yourself and others weaves itself into every aspect of your life from how you experience yourself to how you own your authority and understand your capacity to do difficult things. I want you to tap into truth, and your most powerful voice, to shape your experience of yourself and the world as well as how others experience you.

    Are you ready to embark on an adventure of intention, commitment, and action yes, but also practical magic?


    Working with Nona changed my life. Really.

    Her rigor, grace, and love created a space in which I was able to break through my money legacy, reframe my relationship to abundance and feel genuinely in charge of my business decisions for the first time ever. Her guidance helped me launch a wildly-successful subscription program. And our work together continues to help me show up every day for what I truly want in my business - and in my life.

    — Sasha Torres, Owner of Sheep Spot