Breathe, Sister

Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions  


Welcome to intentional, generative rest.

We live in increasingly chaotic times — It can be hard to access your deepest wisdom and discernment when there is such a swirl of busy anxiety: the rush to keep doing at all costs.

However, you know on some level that you deeply need to slow down and give yourself permission to rest. By honoring the human need for rest, for hibernation, for stillness you are gifted with more inspiration, more alignment with your Truth, and more aliveness. Yes, giving yourself permission to rest is a love story of reclaiming heartfelt (not frenzied) connection with yourSelf, your community, and non-human nature. 

I am extending my hand to you, sister — you are invited to enter Body, Breath, & Soul Sanctuary Sessions. Get cozy, relax and let yourself be held. All you need to do is show up and let me guide you. Ready?

Intentional rest is magic.

To be the woman you are, and to become the woman you wish to be, I invite you to sink into the powerful healing practices of Sanctuary.  During twice monthly live sessions, you are guided through a potent blend of restorative practices that are part of Yoga Nidra including deep guided relaxation, breath work, visualization, ending with resting in silence to connect with your deepest wisdom and healing through active imagination. Not only is your energy restored, but you cultivate an intimacy with yourself and the divine. The women who practice with me regularly tell me that the shifts they experience are sweet and organic, rippling out into their lives.

Step into the magic and give yourself the easy and profound gift of restorative connection with yourSelf each month. I think you are going to love it inside of The Sanctuary Sessions.

Deep rest has a profound impact on how you move through the world.

Intentional rest changed my life.

After I sent my husband off to Africa in 2015 and moved from Hawaii to Colorado, I realized just how frayed I had become. I recognized that all the yoga practice, all the coaching, and all of the energy healing wasn't able to keep my nervous system from going into overdrive in response to the littlest things. I was tense. I was tired. I was wired. None of my go-to paths of healing were helping my body.  I wanted to increase my resilience in the face of our ever-shifting life. 

A few friends mentioned restorative breath practices to me when I explained my struggle. I had learned breath control {pranayama} as part of my training as a yoga teacher, but this felt different. I jumped into an intensive training and devoted significant time to the continued study of instinctual and embodied methods of healing, meditation and attuning to the deep knowing of the body. My intention going in was to develop a more resilient nervous system so I could say YES more readily to my life - that was it. 

What I received is so much more.

  • My internal "engine" of anxiety vanished. What was left was contentment and quiet joy. This was shocking and a little disconcerting. After all, I had identified myself with that buzzy driven feeling for my whole life. Now I identify with a sense of peace and honest connection with my truth.

  • Increased sleep and energy. I've had years of disrupted sleep patterns. Rarely, anymore, do I suffer with insomnia. I sleep well and my energy is far more constant and ease-ful. This had given me back productive hours in each and every day.

  • An ever-deepening sense of embodied change. You know how you have times you "know" something but it doesn't seem to stick in actions/practice? Yeah, me too. I am finding that things I've wanted to change forever (using my voice more truthfully, and not holding back being one thing off the top of my head I've gone around and around with for years) are changing far more easily.

  • More ease, more love, more alignment. I absolutely treasure the way I feel immediately after a session. The enhanced sense of my capacity to live fully and taste ALL of life. Not only is this amazing from the perspective of knowing what I want and what action is right in the moment, but it is deeply satisfying.

Since 2015, I have been insatiable in continuing to learn more about effortless practices that support wholeness. I have trained in the art of leading yoga nidra, somatic healing for trauma, and Shamanic arts which all informs how I hold you in the Sanctuary. 

My experience has been great delight in the practice itself, and also greater joy, peace and clarity throughout my life. I would love to share this transformative practice with you. 



Sanctuary Sessions aren't magic

But luxuriating in generative, peaceful space in a circle of sisters sure feels like magic






Here’s the thing— space and silence are a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up.  To be loving, purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space devoted to regeneration (not less) - Body, Breath, & Soul Sanctuary is an invitation to let go and listen closely to the pulse of your own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for your attention. Not only is this healing, but it is a master key to restoration, healing, and wise action that is aligned for you. 

What this could mean for you.  

I, like most of you, have done endless amounts of "work" on myself - personal development is in my blood. What I know for sure is that when you say yes to Sanctuary, you can access incredible peace and deep joy both in the Sanctuary and when you awaken, restored. 

Give yourself the gift of sacred rest, sister. 

Ready to Get Started?

Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions are a group experience. We gather live two-times per month: mid-month on Friday and the last Sunday of each month for yoga nidra woven together with restorative breath practices and active imagination for healing, clarity and wisdom. 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • 2, Monthly 90-minute sessions. These sessions are just so luscious - one mid-month call on Fridays and the last Sunday of each month we will gather live via Zoom. Choose one, or both, live calls to enter the sacred container that supports healing, clarity and restoration. Combined with the energy of a loving circle of women, this sacred space is priceless in its value.

  • A curated archive of recorded Sanctuary Sessions. While you are  a Sanctuary Member, you have access to a library of recorded sessions that focus on different themes that you can work with between sessions if you wish. 

  • An online gathering space with the other women of Sanctuary. A space to share your experiences and connect between sessions, I find that the connections forged with others are as healing as the practice.

Investment | $27.00 per month

Join me for Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions.

When, again? 10:00 am pacific/1pm eastern both mid-month on Fridays and the last Sunday of the month.

Join a circle of intimacy, trust and safety as we enter into breath-rich yoga nidra as a delightful and restorative path of healing, clarity and deep knowing. And of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What Women Say About Sanctuary

  • Nona Jordan

    “When I discovered Nona’s breath sessions, I’d already been on a healing journey for years. I’d suffered chronic illness and had enjoyed a great deal of relief through mind-body practices. But even with all that relief, I could sense that my nervous system was still keyed up and that there was even more healing that wanted to happen.

    What a transformation! Each breath session is simple, but somehow ripples out into every facet of my body and life. My breath is expanding and my nervous system is calming. But I didn’t expect to release old traumas, to grow so anchored and skilled in my body, and to feel so energized by each session! And there’s no way I could have imagined my deep sense of knowing, of trust in who I am and connection to my intuition, that has grown from Nona’s masterful breath guidance.

    I’m simply reveling in the organic shifts that have come from such subtle work. I show up, get cozy, and relax while Nona remotely guides the breath practice. It’s that easy. But then throughout the following days, I can feel old constrictions in my body (and, frankly, my very way of being) release, replaced by more ease and joy than I’ve felt in...well, decades.

    Come breathe with us! If you’re in pain, stressed, or simply curious about breath sessions or Nona, I highly recommend you take a breath and give yourself this amazing experience. Breath sessions with Nona have improved my breathing, my health, and my life.”

    Master Coach

  • Nona Jordan

    “Working with Nona is like stepping into a magic chamber. I knew from past experiences that working with Nona would lead to new insights and transformation — the breath took me to a completely different level of understanding and embodiment.

    Initially I thought the sessions would be about learning to “do” breathing right. Instead, it was all about letting the life force that comes in with every breath teach me and heal me. In each session, Nona helped me really understand how the way I was breathing (or not breathing) was a great illustration for where things were flowing (or not flowing) in my life, helping me to connect with my body and the wisdom there.

    What has been most surprising is how much more relaxed I can allow myself to be about the “shoulds” and “doings” of my life. I have more trust in the process of life’s unfolding and I’m not as self-conscious about getting everything right all of the time. I highly recommend Body, Breath & Soul with Nona — it will connect you to the wisdom your body is just waiting for you to discover within!”

    Master Coach

  • Nona Jordan

    “Nona’s work is transformative and lasting — the combination of coaching and the breath helped me experience deep peace and renewal during a challenging time, leading to a greater sense of grounded clarity in how to move forward.

    Work with Nona if you want to feel deeply seen and supported through change — you can relax into her most capable and awesome hands.”

    Leadership Coach, PhD.