About me

My name is Nona Jordan and you are welcome here, my friend.

To get a sense of who I am, you must know that I am deeply inspired by beauty of all kinds, from the beauty and utter naturalness of non-human nature to the strength and devotion of humans who go beyond their limits to catch their dreams. This is the fuel for my vocation supporting women like you to do the hard, magnificent, brilliant work of healing the wound of scarcity so you can create the life, the work, and the world that you envision and desire. 

Just so you know, I've been told I'm intense and that my laugh is too loud, and that I have almost no capacity to make small talk. I would say this is one of my finest qualities: I love to dig into the challenging and the real — the things that we simply don’t want to say in polite conversation. It’s welcome here. All of you is welcome and encouraged to show up here as we co-create a powerful, deliciously whole, and hope-drenched future for you, individually, and for the collective. Because truly, I believe, all boats rise together.

Acknowledgement + Credentials

On the path, I have been fortunate enough to have trained with the best, beginning with a 200-hour YTT through Kripalu in 2003. Since then, I have learned from and been coached by amazing mentors and teachers to amplify my own capacity for leadership, teaching, and coaching. I studied with Martha Beck to become a kick-ass Master Coach and I recently completed a master's degree in Applied Psychology at Harvard Extension School (summa cum laude) to deepen my knowledge of coaching psychology and the latest evidence-based approaches that support transformational healing and growth — in particular, how we address the pervasive, systemic issues that keep individuals from their full potential and promise - like scarcity. I've also trained as a master teacher and facilitator of somatic practices such as meditation and breathwork to heal toxic stress and trauma and I’m honored to be able to bring those same teachings and practices to you. Combine all this with my business degree, a CPA license (currently inactive), and years working in publicly traded tech companies in Seattle before becoming an entrepreneur and it almost feels like I was born this way.

Anything I might say about myself is incomplete without acknowledging my beloved family (and best teachers) - my husband and co-conspirator Erick, my teenage daughter Clara, and our elderly naughty dog, Kelsie. It has been my pleasure to travel, and live, all over the world with these beautiful beings. Most recently, we returned from four years in Zambia, which completely changed my life and shifted my perspective on power, dignity, and the internalized conditioning that keeps western women from showing up in all their glory. 

I am committed to creating coaching and learning spaces for you to heal and thrive. Expect dynamic, life-changing, and challenging conversations that transform you. Expect to be lifted up, loved, supported, and challenged because I see the possibility and promise in you. Let's make your desires and longings a reality. 

I want that for you. I want that for all of us

Are you a little bit scared, but willing to say yes? 

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You are welcome here

I am dedicated to supporting you as you come into right relationship with money, heal the scarcity wound, and claim peace, power, and freedom. I can't wait to see what you do, sister!

Your time is now. Let's do this.