Your destiny is knocking.

It is time to open the door and say yes to who you are here to be and what you are here to do.

So many of the woman who come into my practice are at an inflection point - will I follow the drumbeat of my heart or continue to do what is expected of me in my life and in my business? I help conscious women in business who want to align and act on deep wisdom. Because now, more than ever, we need this level of authenticity and love for ourselves, but also for our communities. 

Why this work at this time?

I want you to own your power. I see so many women leave their power on the table. Why? Because in our families and in western culture, women have been devalued and diminished - it can feel like swimming upstream to challenge the narratives that tell us we are not enough, that we should be quiet, that we should not be loud, or angry or insist on equity. Let's shift the narrative to wholeness, love, and contribution to the life and world you want to create.

I want to you be grounded in your innate worthiness. Too many women shy away from being seen or heard - especially the tender heart of their truth. I am committed to you finally, blessedly rooting into your truth, your joy, and your desire! Let's envision and create generative futures for you, your family, your work, and your community to thrive. 

I know our futures depend on all of us waking up, healing, and boldly moving into action. My work is devoted to you, to our daughters and sons, and to the regeneration of our planet. I do this work to empower you to know, and to choose, the most authentic and powerful path for you. I deeply believe that this work is the key to creating collective changes that make the world a place of abundance for all beings.


Why me?

I believe we all have access to a deep wisdom about who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do. And I have certainly struggled to heal and shed the familial and cultural conditioning that makes us doubt ourselves or move in a different direction. It has been my great pleasure (and sometimes pain, honestly) to be on this journey to be the woman I know I am and to do the work I'm here to do in all of it's many forms.

When I became a coach 15 years ago, I began studying energy work formally, which woke up my intuition in surprising ways. In addition to intuitive and energy healing skills, I bring my training and experience as a master-certified coach, psychologist, and spiritual teacher with an undergraduate degree in business (I'm a former CPA), 

Take all of that and combine it with a mastery of teaching and facilitating ancient healing practices such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation as well as Akashic Records readings and energy healing. Know that you are held and supported by both the mystical and the practical when you say yes to working with me. 

Fun Facts

  • The Basics.

    I'm a Capricorn, Scorpio rising. My Myers Briggs profile is INFJ. I am a HD Generator, profile 2/4. I've been told I'm a healthy enneagram 8.

  • Let's Go!

    I deeply love the natural world. I'm from the Pacific Northwest. My favorite place we've lived is Zambia. Hawaii is a close second.

  • Yes, it's true.

    I love bad jokes and GIF's. Both my laugh and my sneezes are incredibly loud. I suck at small talk. I am a hopeful realist.

It's your time.

Are you ready to learn more about how we might work together?