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It's Your Time.

I support women growing their own businesses or women who are leaders within larger organizations who want to experience success that feels good in the day to day doing. However, to be a powerful woman who leads authentically during this particular time in history, you need more space to be fully seen and heard. This space for support and reflection is a master key to replenishing your resources, which leads to clarity and right action.

You will benefit most from working with me if you are ready to renegotiate, and transform, your relationship to your resources through embodied coaching and practice. If you are a woman who has neglected your own wellbeing and you find yourself scattered or exhausted, or you are in the midst of a stressful transition and find your nervous system is on overdrive -- these are indicators that it's your time to address the foundations of your own wellbeing in order to prosper. 

Are you ready to create a strong foundation that will move you into powerful, aligned action?


Create the change you wish to see in the world in yourself first.

As powerful as your vision of change is, if you find yourself depleted, stuck or plain worn out: financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally you can't do your best work. I promise, when you commit to restoring a sense of leadership to your own life by tending your wellbeing  — right action emerges naturally. This is the heartbeat of creating change in all arenas.


Let's spin gold: we will rewrite the narrative of your challenges.

Our hardest moments define us in so many ways, but can also hold us back. You’ve grown stronger and wiser as a result of what you’ve experienced. And you may find that the lingering effects of the trauma you’ve faced and overcome are preventing you from moving forward. It’s time to own the power of your past and move forward with courage. 


Move through the world more deliberately, in alignment with your bigger vision. 

A new paradigm is emerging. Here’s the thing: it's time to let go of busy as a badge of honor — the success you want to create for yourself, within your organization, for your community and the world depends on a different kind of culture. A culture that values, and fosters, wellbeing as the foundation of sustainable success. This is not business as usual, but a call to bravely create a culture that brings out the best in you and those around you.


Note: The work we will do together is experiential and deeply personal. I offer you space to transform your sense of who you are at the very heart of your being. To rediscover who you are and the leader you wish to be.  

Ready to Get Started?

Every coaching relationship begins with a conversation. Let's make sure you and I are an exact perfect fit. Once we chat and you decide that I am the coach that will help you become the transformative leader that you are, and that you are becoming, then we'll get your payments set up and your first session scheduled. 

When we decide that we are going to work together, you can expect: 

  • 50-minute sessions each week for 3 months (or, twice per month for 6 months). You are here for transformation - regularly scheduled sessions ensure that you stay close to your intentions and develop practices that guarantee clarity, consistency and the inspired action that will move you toward your vision of success as a leader in all areas of your life. 

  • Inspired action and practices to work with between sessions. Expect homework, practices and invitations between sessions to keep you on track and in the flow.

  • eMail or text Support, Monday through Friday. I work with a limited number of women individually so you have deep attention and care. By the time we are done, I want you to be celebrating restored wellbeing, incredible clarity, and a renewed sense of inspired leadership. 

Investment | $2,700.00

Let's begin with a brief consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Please note: 
I work with a limited number of women individually so I can offer you my full attention. When we work together, I am with you every step of the way. I would love to talk to you about moving toward your vision of greater success.

  • Nona Jordan

    “Working with Nona has completely altered the way that I view not only my business, but also my life purpose.

    Over the last twelve months, I have felt held by Nona’s coaching style: unwavering faith and love. Nona’s guidance and support of my intentions has been unbelievably powerful. This heady combo helped me grow my practice, double my earnings in 2013, and feel free (encouraged even) to show up as myself in every facet of my business. It is such a beautiful gift to support yourself in this work.”

    Coach and Teacher

  • Nona Jordan

    “Nona’s compassionate and smart approach to making the connection between money, trauma, and how we carry those imprints in our bodies helped me move away from feeling ashamed, and into a place of more openness and curiosity. If you want to stop cycling through the same thoughts, anxieties, and actions to get to the deeper healing, go see Nona.”

    Master Coach

  • Nona Jordan

    “Working with Nona felt like a safe coming home. Through Nona’s sage guidance and the tools she provided, I started to unravel from the stories of not being good enough, or ready enough, or creative enough to claiming what my heart really wants in my business.

    In your time with Nona you will be deeply seen and held so that you can start to see yourself and hold yourself in new ways. There is a way of doing business that honors your body and your nervous system and in this program you’ll learn how. I am big yes to any of Nona’s work as I just can’t get enough wisdom from her!”

    Channel and Energy Healer