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No-hassle resources to help you get right with money, move from scarcity to self-worth, and create your more than enough life.

Get Right with Money

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This guide introduces you to The Reverence Framework I use to support my clients to heal their relationship to money and make the changes that matter most. Look, you will be in relationship to money for the rest of your life - this is a grounded and lovely framework to address money wounding on all levels - somatic, spiritual, energetic, and mindset. 

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Legacy Healing Practice

Utilizing the power of visualization to heal

This 14-minute visualization takes you on a journey to release wounds that you carry around money and self-worth. Enjoy this relaxing visualization when you have a quiet moment to let yourself rest and sink into the process (not to be used while driving or any time you need to focus).

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Practice Worthiness

Amplify healing through action

Self-worth is how you feel about yourself, but self-value is how you act toward yourself based on your self-worth. Small actions that embody self-value increase your sense of self-worth. Combining legacy healing + actions of self-value = powerful transformation.

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