All Boats Rise Together

Nona Jordan Coaching and Consulting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement


We are committed to investing in and elevating diversity, inclusion, and equity in our business and in the world.

Though our organization is small, we are a learning organization: we are learning to dismantle white supremacy in our individual body psyches and in the structure of our business. To that end, we actively seek to extend our network of trusted colleagues and teachers to include BIPOC. We also actively seek to refine our coaching services to go beyond the traditionally white-centric perspectives and spaces of the spiritual teaching and coaching community in order to create a dynamic, safe, and supportive space that helps women-identified persons of all races thrive.

There is real potency in dreaming an equitable, inclusive, and diverse future for ourselves and the world. We find it imperative that as we vision a new future, we continually push ourselves to speak and act with courage and conviction to make this dream a reality. 

Our organization is actively engaged in becoming anti-racist.

In 2020/2021 we are diving in deep with: 


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