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Cultivate Abundance

For women who want to move from scarcity to authentic abundance

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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


  • You often feel a sense of lack or scarcity bubble up and it can be difficult to pull out of it, despite all of the personal development work you've done and your understanding of changing your thoughts.

  • You know All The Things about abundance mindset, but it doesn't seem to stick, leaving you feeling like maybe you are doing something wrong (don't worry, you aren't).

  • Despite all the personal development you've done, you still struggle to receive accolades, savor restoration and relaxation time, or celebrate your successes.

  • You feel that there is not enough time, money, or energy more often than you might care to admit. You may struggle to say no, or ask for what you want or need, and you may even undercharge or underearn!

  • You know that there is dissonance between your sense of scarcity and what abundance is actually available, but a persistent sense of not-enough just won't quit.

If you resonate with any of these statements, Cultivate Abundance is for you.
Why Cultivate Abundance?

As a result of this course, you will:

  • Feel relieved, inspired, and energized by a whole new understanding of abundance and scarcity. Rest assured, you haven't failed at abundance, you've simply been operating with old information. 

  • Know exactly how both scarcity and abundance operate in your life. Two clarifying exercises will give you access to personal insight that will hand you the power to move from scarcity to abundance when you need it most.

  • Apply your new knowledge to create powerful personal practices that build a greater capacity to cultivate rich, authentic abundance. The best news is that you have the power to cultivate abundance on a daily basis. Applying the knowledge you learn about abundance, scarcity, and yourself to create unique-to-you practices you can put to work today, will empower you and shift you more and more toward authentic abundance. 

On Enrollment, You Receive 


You will receive immediate access to seven, powerful video lessons that offer a deeper understanding of abundance and scarcity, which will help you craft new strategies and practices to amplify abundance.


Expertise and tools developed over 13 years of coaching, teaching, and personal experience will support your deep learning and help you move from a sense of scarcity to authentic abundance. 


You will go beyond surface-level mindset strategies to tend the psychological, emotional, and somatic roots of scarcity, creating lasting shifts as you put your new understanding into practice.

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What's inside

Cultivate Abundance

Lesson 1: What is Abundance, Anyway?

In the first lesson, we will dig deep into what abundance really is and you will be invited to clarify what it truly means to you. Understanding abundance sets the tone for the entire course. 

Resources: Video Lesson (7 minutes) | Transcript | Integration Worksheet

Lesson 2: Your Personal Resource Map

Building on lesson one, in this exercise-based module you will explore and map the facets of your abundance through identifying your resources on multiple levels. You will come back to this map time and again to build and deepen your awareness of abundance.

Resources: Video Lesson (4:30 minutes) | Transcript | Resource Map Worksheet (5 - 10 minutes)

Lesson 3: Understanding the Scarcity Wound

To Cultivate Abundance, you must understand what interferes with your experience of abundance. In this lesson, you will deepen your understanding of scarcity and walk away with an empowering perspective that will change your relationship to abundance (and scarcity). 

Resources: Video Lesson (9:48 minutes) | Transcript | Check-In Survey (3 minutes)

Lesson 4: Go Beyond Mindset

In this lesson, you will learn how the traditional focus on mindset in personal development is simply not enough. No, you aren't broken if thought work doesn't work for you - you just need the missing pieces. Here they are! 

Resources: Video Lesson (11 minutes) | Transcript | Integration Worksheet

Lesson 5: The Authentic Abundance Scale

This exercise-based module will help you clarify your indicators of both scarcity and abundance. You will identify what both scarcity and abundance look and feel like for you so you can quickly shift toward authentic abundance.  

Resources: Video Lesson | Transcript | Authentic Abundance Scale Worksheet

Lesson 6: When Scarcity Strikes

When scarcity strikes, it is vital to have proven practices to help pull you out of the scarcity spin-cycle. In this lesson, you will practice an evidence-based method and identify the activities and people who will help you gain perspective and get back to abundance. 

Resources: Video Lesson | Transcript | Integration Worksheet | Audio Practice Download

Lesson 7: Living Abundance

In the final module, we will put it all together and you will create your living practice of abundance based on the new understanding, self-knowledge, and insight that you have gained in this course. You will be ready to put your abundance rituals into practice. 

Resources: Video Lesson | Transcript | Create Your Ritual Worksheet


Are you ready to Cultivate Abundance? 

All seven lessons, integration worksheets, and powerful exercises can be completed in less than 90-minutes. But the real gold is that you walk away with not just empowering insight and new understanding, but you will have resources and practices at the ready that can help you shift into authentic abundance when you need it most.  


What women say about Cultivate Abundance

"If you are considering working with Nona Jordan, RUN don’t WALK and get started! 

I was amazed at the epiphanies that came up for me and for the very first time learned about how and where the scarcity mindset comes from and how it can sabotage our life. In addition, Nona’s coaching is actionable leading directly to the path that leaves behind patterns of scarcity thinking to open the door to abundance."

-Rochelle Kwiatkowski, Leader of Impact

I'm Nona Jordan

I'm glad you are here

As a professional coach with a master's degree in psychology and an undergraduate degree in business (I'm a former CPA), I understand the psychology of lasting transformation. However, the extra oomph that I bring to the work we will do is the mastery of teaching and facilitating ancient practices that bring deeper healing to your relationship with scarcity and abundance.

I pursued the knowledge and healing I share with you because the scarcity wounding I experienced led me on a profound journey, so I personally understand the anxiety, the narratives, the emotions, and the self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from claiming the abundance and the more than enough business and life you really want.

I can't wait to see you inside! 


Are you ready to Cultivate Abundance?

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