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Individual coaching for women who are ready to envision, create, and experience a deeply abundant, more-than-enough business and life. 

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Every coaching relationship begins with a conversation.

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Individual Coaching

Support that meets you where you are

I would love to support you in your journey to move beyond scarcity to rich abundance. Are you ready to create a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life? Let me be your co-conspirator, thought partner, guide, and number one encourager. 

I know you've read the books, and taken courses, and 'upleveled' your thoughts. Me too. However, deep and lasting change happens over time, in supportive communities, with a lot of attention and practice. Mindset shifts are great, but to get to the kind of change that I know you seek, let's go deeper.

As a coach and guide, my intent is to move at the pace of you - the space I hold for you is always compassionate and hustle-free. You will benefit from my background as a CPA and applied psychologist, but it is my training and practice as a breath and meditation instructor, flower essence practitioner, energy worker, and earth medicine guide that supports your healing on so many different levels. 

Let's create your deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life. You are infinitely worth it. 

I specialize in supporting women who want to:


Grow and develop momentum and confidence in their right livelihood. Listen, it isn't all about the money. I help women root into their deepest values and own the importance of their work and their vision for a better world. Feel peaceful with where you are and empowered to follow your deepest desires and longings for yourself and the world. 

Take the space to heal and move from scarcity wounding to wholeness, beauty, and abundance - move from empty, burned-out, not-enough-of-anything to overflowing clarity, energy, and empowerment. Our culture doesn't do restoration very well, however, this is the foundation for discernment-rich action that will move you toward the more-than-enough life you envision.

Lean in, speak up, and take audacious action to create your vision for a more-than-enough life and a generative, healthy world. At your most powerful, rooted in abundance, you have the capacity to raise your eyes to the horizon to make your most meaningful contribution to a better world. 

I promise this path is going to help you be the person you long to be: clear-minded, overflowing with more-than-enough, and enjoying the process. 

Are you ready?

Every coaching relationship begins with a conversation. Let's make sure you and I are an exact perfect fit. Once we chat and you decide that I am the coach that will help you in your transformation, then we'll get your payments set up and your first session scheduled.

When we decide that we are going to work together, you can expect:

  • 50-minute sessions twice per month for 3, 6, or 9 months. You are invited to show up for yourself and to receive the satisfaction of saying yes to being the woman you want to be. Regularly scheduled sessions ensure that you stay close to your intentions and thrive in the process.
  • Energetic & intuitive support. We work on every level of your being to support your transformation. Each session includes energy medicine and intuitive guidance to support you and smooth the way for you to reclaim your power.
  • Inspired action and practices to work with between sessions. Expect homework, healing practices, and invitations between sessions to keep you on track and in the flow.
  • eMail or text support, Monday through Friday. I work with a limited number of people individually so you can lean into my deep attention and care. 

Investment begins at $2,400 for three months - monthly payments are available.

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Cultivate Abundance

A course to help you heal scarcity wounding and experience abundance.

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Surf Lessons, a book filled with lessons on embodying self-worth and living your more-than-enough life.

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What women say about our work together

"Recently, I did something that scared the bejebus out of me. I looked at my money. I mean I REALLY looked at my money. What I had, what I lacked, what I believed I deserved, how I dealt with it inside and out. I did this by working with Nona Jordan.

Here's what happened: I discovered stories that were holding me back. I learned tools for creating more wealth. I changed my beliefs about what I deserved. I started budgeting. And saving. And investing. INVESTING! Me! I became a Woman Who Invests.

Here's the thing: Nona makes money simple to understand. She makes your money legacy simple to grasp. She helps you change your money stories in simple ways. Nona helps make the whole process, the whole world of money, simple. Not always easy.....but simple.

I had this whole belief that I just wasn't good with money. Nona has helped me change that belief. I look at money now and think, "I totally got this."

If you are ready to change your relationship with money, talk to Nona Jordan. She is seriously THAT good."

Lisa D’Alessio, Intuitive Healer

I have never felt comfortable with money and have always looked for ways to abdicate fiscal responsibility. Not any more! Through Nona's brilliantly insightful program Get Right With Money, I have addressed long-held legacy beliefs that kept me playing small, embraced my true desires, explored my cash flow with compassionate curiosity, and had a bare accounting conversation with my husband (not as kinky as it sounds!).

It's been a truly epic journey, but at each stage, I have been profoundly supported by both Nona and the beautiful community that gathered to mindfully approach money mastery and self-worth. As I told my classmates in our last class, Get Right With Money has finally persuaded me to put on my big girl money pants - self-responsibility has never been so sexy!

-Amy Palko, Ph.D.

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