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There is No Fix

I am so lucky to have wonderful conversations with women - lately, I have heard an undercurrent that I recognize. It is the desire for a static end-state of all that we most want, done and dusted. In other words - a fix, finally, for all the messy flaws we experience in ourselves and in our lives and in our work and yes, with our money. 

I often have to remind myself that part of life is that it shifts and changes and when that happens, it opens up new opportunities (ugh, fuck, blech is my typical first response to THAT) for growth for transformation and for renegotiating what is most important in life.

So today, I invite you to soften that desire for a fix and to perhaps turn toward the messy, beautiful nature of you of life. 


Let's begin with the truth: there is no fix.

In fact, you actually do not require fixing. You're not a machine. You're not a toaster with a faulty heating element. There is no final steady state of perfection,...

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Going Beyond Mindset

Recently I've been hearing from women who have reflected on the fact that even after lots of coaching, support, and mindset work that they still experience fear and a sense of lack around money and worthiness at certain times. Sometimes (or a lot of the time) they wake up anxious, thoughts spinning, uncertainty following their every step. 


Perhaps you have seasons in your life where all the personal development and the mindset shifts don't seem to work. In those moments, you may feel like you've done something wrong - because all of the "better thoughts" didn't "fix" you. Beloved you, life is life, and uncertainty and challenges arise. Nothing can protect you from that. But the work you've done will help you negotiate those times in your life with more skill and with more ease - and that, I believe is the real result we seek. 


However, the other thing to remember is that mindset work often doesn't offer the...

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