Working with Fear

clarity confidence emotional wisdom heal_scarcity Apr 26, 2022

Fear is often about a deep sense of scarcity

Somehow, we've gotten the message that fear (and scarcity for that matter) must be avoided at all costs. However, I would say the point isn't to be fearless but to heal and learn from fear. SO many of the women I work with arrive with tremendous fear and a sense of scarcity in different forms and variations. So the time felt ripe to write a post about fear and how to work with it in a way that actually works.

This is not a "F!&k Fear" post

Nope, it's actually going to be a lot more empowering than that. Because frankly, I think it's ridiculous to believe that we shouldn't feel fear or that we will never experience a sense of scarcity. Why? Well, fear is hard-wired into your limbic system. So working with your fear, not pretending you don't experience it, is far more transformative than trying to escape it.

Fear isn't the enemy we make it out to be.

I don't believe that we live in a world (or a body) where we can stop experiencing fear. The most powerful practice that I know to shift fear into something different is softening/leaning into/respecting/finding love for - the fear itself.  To learn to feel the fear, listen to it, AND keep moving forward.

I want you to let fear catalyze you, not paralyze you. To heed the powerful, helpful message that your fear has for you and the future, which is best done by working with the energy of fear through love and appreciation, and developing respect for this powerful force.

There is nothing in any sort of rule book to indicate that to act we have to be fearless. In fact, I would say that actually, fear is a powerful ally as you take the leap toward what is most meaningful to you. 

Working with the Energy of Fear

  1. The first step is to recognize the fear and the thoughts that are racing through your mind. Often with scarcity, it's something along the lines of; I don't have enough, I'll never have enough, I don't want to look at the lack I feel, I'm not good with x y or z, I hate asking for money... there are so many variations and themes related to scarcity that are fear-based, but the first step is always to recognize what's happening.

  2. The second step is to say thank you. Yes, thank you.  Thank your mind for the input (whatever thought is racing through your mind) and then relax into your body and feel the sensation of fear. What does it feel like? Where do you experience it? Give your fear space to be what it is. I find that fear is usually trying to keep me safe (which is so sweet!) and/or has an important piece of information that I'm ignoring about moving forward. I give it my attention. I give it space. I listen. Then I say thank you and move forward.

  3. Finally, ask your fear (NOT your mind) what helpful message it wants to convey. Sometimes it's that a legacy wound of scarcity needs to be released. Sometimes it's asking you to pay closer attention to something. Sometimes it's guidance to do something different or take a different path. But know this: there is always a helpful message. Our emotions are part of an intelligence system that is far older, more intuitive, and wise than we give it credit for. Seriously. Tune in - your brain definitely doesn't want that, but give it a try and see what kind of wisdom you glean.

  4. Take action. Once you listen to your fear and you know what requires some change and attention, start taking action. It may be simply acknowledging the fear for trying to keep you safe AND continuing to take the baby steps - or big actions that are needed. Or, it may be a course correction based on the information your fear provides. Fear absolutely becomes paralyzing when we fail to heed the call. Remember, if fear is asking something BIG of you, it also provides the built-in focus and energy to help you take the steps you need to take in this moment.

Take the Leap and Embrace the Fear

Listen up. I've dealt with this kind of crushing fear - and it still comes up. The main difference is that I work with it, not against it. The BEST way to shift fear into a productive and powerful force is through love. If not love, then recognition and respect for the helpful message that fear is trying to convey to you and taking the practical steps that are an act of love for you, and your financial future.

I would invite you to experiment with loving - and listening to - your fear. What shifts when you engage with the energy instead of trying to escape from it? Notice how much more powerful it is when you listen to the wisdom and teachings of one of your most powerful emotions.

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