What the World Needs

clarity confidence do the thing truth Jul 11, 2021

Beautiful you. It's your time. 

The world needs you in all of your glorious, authentic, and unique power. What that means is you, fully present, full capacity, connected to the truth: you are powerful, you are loved, and you are a divine expression of all that is good and beautiful in the world. You, your business, your family, your community, and the world needs you to embody this truth. 

The whole of creation dances in your body. 

You are a creatrix. You hold the power of intuition, of knowing, of connection to the divine soul of the earth as a woman. Rivers, streams, and tributaries of nourishing blood pulse through you, expansive oceans of breath ebb and flow, the hot core of life bubbles up in the center of your chest, your luminous heart. The flesh of your body an ecosystem of mountain ranges, lush jungles, deserts, and pasture lands. Your bones, the rocky, solid terrain giving rise to form and shape. The womb of you, the seat of expression and receiving. The whole of you a microcosm of Universal Intelligence - like the vast and endless space that we float in, every possibility and potential available at this moment, and this one, too. 

Everything, everything happens in a body. 

As much as we are told to overcome, transcend and renounce our humanness, our desires, our emotion, our connection to the earth, and even to others - the truth is that everything that happens on earth, for humans, happens in a body. In your body is the most powerful place you can be. In your body is the place where you have access to all of your vast resources. In your body is where your voice resides, your intuition speaks to you, and your body is the only place from which purposeful, inspired action can happen. 

These are times of peril and promise. 

There are compelling reasons to tune out, to shut down, to disconnect. It can feel overwhelming to choose a path so different from the one that is laid out for each of us. Society, as it stands right now, is designed to disconnect you from the truth of your nature, your power, your connection to life, and the fullness of your resources - to keep you at a distance from your humanity. To keep you at a distance from others. To keep you at a distance from this beautiful planet we call home. 

However, there has never been a more amazing time to wake up. To fully inhabit your body and engage with life in purposeful, meaningful, and joyful ways. In fact, I would say our shared future depends on this - you, me, every woman and man waking up, rising up, connected and engaged and fully alive.  

Rise up. 

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your impulse. Trust your desires. Trust your feelings. Trust that joyfully inhabiting the earth of your body is right and true.

Trust. Trust. Trust. And then act on that trust.

Stop apologizing. Let go of self-doubt. Stop trying to escape yourself and your true nature. Sink into yourself, into your body, into your experience — be in awe of your incredible capacity to embrace all of life. Appreciate the incredible resources you have at your disposal: the intelligence, the feeling response, the desire, the joy, the vision, the intuitive sense, the capacity to act of your own volition for what you believe in, and for the world you wish to inhabit.  

The world needs the glorious, authentic power that you possess. The world needs you fully present, full capacity, connected to the truth: you are an expression of all that is good and beautiful in the world. 

Rise, sister. I stand with you. 

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