There is No Fix

clarity heal_scarcity healing money wounds innate worth Nov 30, 2021

I am so lucky to have wonderful conversations with women - lately, I have heard an undercurrent that I recognize. It is the desire for a static end-state of all that we most want, done and dusted. In other words - a fix, finally, for all the messy flaws we experience in ourselves and in our lives and in our work and yes, with our money. 

I often have to remind myself that part of life is that it shifts and changes and when that happens, it opens up new opportunities (ugh, fuck, blech is my typical first response to THAT) for growth for transformation and for renegotiating what is most important in life.

So today, I invite you to soften that desire for a fix and to perhaps turn toward the messy, beautiful nature of you of life. 


Let's begin with the truth: there is no fix.

In fact, you actually do not require fixing. You're not a machine. You're not a toaster with a faulty heating element. There is no final steady state of perfection, transcendence, or even plain old abundance to keep reaching for. The journey, the mess, and the tension are the destination.


It's so easy to forget this truth.

I mean really, how could we NOT forget? It is difficult to remember in the swirl and the roar of airbrushed picture-perfect marketing, the subtle and not so subtle messages that your flaws are holding you back, and the proverbial hangover cures pedaled to everyone who's trying to distance themselves from their lack of perfection.


Our humanness is our superpower.

I know firsthand how much work it takes to live into this truth, when you have been conditioned to believe that you must fix something in you that is fundamentally flawed. But the truth is, that I see the work we do to heal our relationship to worth, to money, to our lives is more like chipping away at old paint that was put on beautiful hardwood in a misguided attempt to beautify something that is incomparable in its natural, stunning beauty.


It's not really a fix that you need.

What you need is the recognition and restoration of your innate wholeness - your intrinsic worthiness. What you need is the courage to reveal and celebrate your natural light and beauty, one sweet layer at a time as you navigate the unpredictable ebbs and flows of life.  What you need is to reclaim that the luminous core of you is undamaged, no matter how much conditioning, no matter how much suffering, has left an imprint on you. 

With every fiber of my being, I believe that our human experience is exactly what we are here for not some hyped-up idea of perfection or transcendence. What we are made for is the messy, real and true experience of humanity. Engagement with terrible and difficult challenges. Experiencing the incredible joy of accomplishment, feeling our hearts break open again and again as we move through the world with countless other beings.  The tears and the pain, the laughter and the joy, the triumph and yes, even the defeat. 


There is no perfection required.

There is no fix needed. So please, drop any ideas of perfection or a final, static state of... anything. Embrace the journey as the destination and lovingly accept your quirks, your fears, your mistakes, and your triumphs as part of your unique journey. 

This is what we need collectively - to reconnect with our truest nature as individuals and as a collective. This is how we know ourselves and each other. This is how we remember who we truly are and finally, blessedly drop the striving for some elusive fix. Stop trying to fix yourself. You are not broken. You are beautiful and brilliant in the abundance yes, but also in the tension, in the heartache, in the desire for more. 

And truly, I love that about you.

We are all simply in the thick of learning to be more fully ourselves - looking for a fix is just a seductive distraction from the work of creating the life that you desire. 

So now it's your turn - if you were to surrender the idea that there is a perfect end-state to reach with your money, with your sense of worthiness, with your business, or with your life, what would change? Would you move through the day differently? Are there things you would address or things you would release? Tell me everything. Just hit reply. 

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