The Small and the Sacred

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Are you seeking big leaps and short-cuts?

You are not alone if you secretly (or not so secretly) wish for change that doesn't require a whole lot of work. Personal development is often oriented toward the language of big leaps and massive, instant transformation - however, that isn't how most change happens. The narrative of instant and lasting transformation is appealing because it plays to our ardent wish that we could gloss over (or completely avoid) the sloggy, sometimes difficult (or even boring), day-to-day choices and actions that lead to real and lasting transformation. 

Most change is rooted in small acts.

Despite our societal desire for instant gratification, the truth is that the small choices we make day after day become the fabric of our lives, after it it's all said and done. And these small acts are sacred. Not in the religious sense, but (as Merriam Webster says), "entitled to reverence or respect." 

Your desire is worthy of your reverence.

I mean, you can't argue with that. The shifts you would like to experience in your life are infinitely worthy of your devotion - the small, sacred acts that day by day make you and make a life. What might that look like, you ask?

  • The woman who no longer wants to feel the anxious knot in her stomach when she goes to the store, or out to eat, wondering if there is enough money in her checking account or on her credit card? She takes the small, sacred step of tracking her money and knowing exactly what is happening with her money day by day, finding peace, and gaining financial confidence. 
  • The woman who feels ambivalent about sharing her work and using her voice and yes, marketing (which is strongly related to earning)? She takes the small, sacred step of planning how she will connect with her audience throughout each week and letting them know exactly how they can work with her, gaining courage and experiencing increased earnings. 
  • The woman who has avoided paying off debt finally makes a plan and diligently prioritizes the small, sacred step of paying the debt and celebrating each payment until there is no longer a remaining balance on the debt, learning self-efficacy and enjoying expanded financial capacity. 

I have lived these scenarios.

I've been in each of these situations and found transformation in the small and sacred day-to-day action. I've celebrated the same kind of incredible shifts with clients who finally dropped the mythical story of quick fixes and instant transformation to finally treat themselves and their money with reverence and devotion. 

I have had magical moments of incredible shifts, but most of the change I've experienced has been built on surrendering my fervent wish for an easy fix and instead devoting myself to the small, sacred acts that answer the question - who do I want to be and what small act of devotion can I take today to move toward my desires? 

So now it's your turn - is there some way you've been looking for a quick fix? Something you desperately want to avoid? Some way that you want instant transformation? What is the small, and sacred, act of devotion that you might commit to that could change everything? 




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