Let Go of Scarcity

We live in a very all-or-nothing society.

Here's the kind of stuff I heard growing up (and stuff a lot of my clients heard, too)... Either you are successful or you are a failure. You are either rich or you are poor. You do it right or you do it wrong. Either you have enough or you don't. You are happy or you are sad. You are worthy or you are not.

This is the language of scarcity.

Scarcity is a choice-less, contracted state. In scarcity, you cling to whatever perceived goodness is available, desperately hoping it won't change or go away. In scarcity, you desperately fight against what feels challenging - paralyzed by the fear that you may never have what you want.

Scarcity is rigid and brittle. Feeling like a victim yet trying desperately to control the outcome. You can be sure that if you are using words like either/or, black and white, all or nothing, I can't, or I have to - you are in the grip of scarcity mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Let's shake that off.

Release yourself from the grip of scarcity.

Claiming abundance and true wealth as the heart of your operating system is a process of unwinding from societal conditioning and familial patterns, yes - but mostly it's an ongoing commitment to remembering.

Your natural state is wholeness and enough-ness - making the shift is remembering what is true and reminding yourself again and again. One of the simplest doorways to making that shift in your energy, emotion, and mindset from scarcity into abundance is changing the language you use.

Allow abundance with a simple "AND".

"And" is additive and inclusive. 'And' has room to breathe. It is fluid. It is the language of possibility and the understanding that there is room in our lives for not only the glorious goodness but that we can also handle and absorb the challenges at the same time. 'And' implies awareness and choice.

  • You can be scared out of your mind and also courageously move forward with a new business offering.

  • You can be sad about something happening in your life and also feel great joy about something else.

  • You can wonder how the mortgage is going to get paid and appreciate the flow of love, food, support, etc that's around you.

  • You can be afraid and still act from a place of love.

  • You can be strong and feel completely weak and untethered.

  • You can fail miserably and be a wild success all at the same time.

  • You can have no money and feel completely prosperous.

  • You can have plenty of money and feel like a pauper.

'AND' is the conjunction of truth and courage.

The language of life, full of beauty and full of opportunities to learn. 'AND' accepts the ever-shifting landscape of abundance as it flows in and around us in all areas of our life. 'And' allows for rapid shifts and quick response. 'And' opens your energy, mindset, and emotions to the possibility and promise of each moment.

The invitation of 'AND'.

I invite you to practice liberally peppering your sentences (and your internal language) with the language of overflowing abundance: to get it wrong AND to see how you also got it right. To feel epic and to feel wobbly. To have enough and to feel like you don't. To feel fear and take action anyway.

"And" is the ultimate acknowledgment that you are enough. You aren't hemmed in with black or white thinking. "And" opens you up to the endless choices and limitless responses that are available to you when you aren't caught in a cage of either/or thinking. The essence of plenitude and true wealth.

I invite you to open your heart to ALL of it. 

Making "AND" the conjunction of choice opens you up to possibility, keeps things flowing, and reminds you again and again that you are the heroine of your story. Your choice of language has the power to shift your mind, your emotions, and your energy in potent ways - allowing you to tap into what is available right here, right now AND to invite in more of what you both want and need.

What will be available to you with your 'and'?


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I am dedicated to supporting you as you come into right relationship with money, heal the scarcity wound, and claim peace, power, and freedom. I can't wait to see what you do, sister!

Your time is now. Let's do this.