The Nudges That Just Won't Quit

Have you had those persistent nudges?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were missing a tooth and you just couldn't keep your tongue out of the space where the tooth once was, no matter how hard you tried to just leave it be?

Well, I have been prodded and nudged relentlessly by ideas and issues in that same way throughout my life -- my thoughts straying back over and over again to an idea that just would not leave me alone. Like the proverbial tongue probing the gum. 

The ideas that nudge me endlessly are usually things that scare the living shit out of me: getting sober back in my 20's, having a child, training to become a coach, starting a coaching business, living in Africa, pursuing a master's degree in my 40's FFS... the list goes on. I've been resistant and argumentative with most of the big decisions I've made in my life but in the end, I've never been sorry when I've said yes to those persistent nudges. 

I believe most, if not all of us, are on the receiving end of these kinds of repeated prods. Given my own experience and the experience of people I know and love, these are nothing short of a divine invitation to take the next step and just do it already.  

It is challenging to just say yes, isn't it?

The nudges that we receive require not only courage to do the thing itself, but also to do the healing required to step into a new version of who we are. This can ask us to question long-held assumptions about ourselves and the world, bring relationships to a close, become a beginner again, and claim an entirely new place in the world. 

Given how challenging it can be to say yes to those scary-ass nudges, I want to share what I've found that makes it easier to say yes to the hard things.

Make saying yes more manageable

  • Let yourself be scared. By welcoming the fear and the resistance and the apprehension, you will also find glimmers of willingness. The big thoughts and feelings that are screaming at you to NOT DO THE THING are really just an invitation to do your own work. By doing your own work, I mean facing the wounds that tell you safety can only be found in toeing the line and sticking with the status quo. Pro-tip: fear isn't the boss. You can move forward even when you are afraid

  • Gather your resources. A persistent issue for many western women is feeling a profound lack of resources. However, take a deep breath and take an honest look at your life. What do you have going for you? Who is available to support you? What kind of power do you have that you may not be utilizing? When people come to me with Something Big they want to do or become, they often fail to account for all the things that they can draw on to make significant moves toward their idea. Assess what is available and draw on it, sister. 

  • Community & connection. Surround yourself with people who are rooting for you, yes, but also people who are willing to be lovingly honest. It's hard to step outside of the norms of people around you, so deliberately seek out your sacred support team. Too often, the women I coach feel completely alone but that is really just a manifestation of individualism that keeps you from taking action. Really, reach out and share your vision with others, ask for support, and don't be afraid to get a coach or mentor as well. The avalanche of encouragement, love, and community that you receive will astound you. 

Nudges are your invitation to Next Level Living

My own experience with saying yes to those nudges has been kind of like a video game - each time I say yes and level up, so to speak, the nudges and ideas become more challenging and more complex AND more rewarding and life-giving. Warning: I have also found that once I level up, it's impossible to go back. By saying yes to the persistent nudges of your soul, expect surprising challenges, growth, and perhaps even a magic portal or two that rearranges you at a cellular level. 

Now it's your turn - what idea or issue keeps nudging you to move into action? What small step are you aching (terrified) to take? Tell me everything.


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