Competition is a Lie

Jul 10, 2021

When we are fully ourselves, there is no competition.

I went to business school and I know all about competition and differentiation... blah, blah, blah.

All of that stuff leads people to believe that you "have to" do things a certain way to succeed.  I simply don't agree. Competition is a convenient lie that stokes the destructive fire of scarcity and not-enoughness. It is not true. 

Competition only exists if you aren't being who you are meant to be.

When our purpose, our gifts and talents, our true desires, and our actions are all in alignment - when we've burned off all the crap about who we "should" be or what we "can't" do or what we "have to" believe, the diamond of who we are shines brightly and we can't help but meet with our vision of success.

Our family, our circumstances, everything - everything conspires to help us express our purpose in exactly the way we are meant to express it.  I believe we all make agreements with the Universe before we are born. Agreements about what we are here to do and the best circumstances to really help us access our juiciest self.

Until we are doing THE THING we are here to do, there is competition.

When I worked in corporate accounting, I was really competitive.  I wanted to get ahead of this person and that person and no matter how many promotions or raises I got, I still felt like a fraud.  I was a fraud.  Because I wasn't in a state of resonance.  I was in corporate accounting because I thought I "should" be because THEN people would respect me, and THEN I would make great money.

My boss, though?  She was a GREAT accountant.  A natural.  She thrived.  She loved it.  She was doing THE THING she is here to do.  It was obvious.

I couldn't compete with her.  But I tried.  Believe me.

No competition applies to everyone, without exception.

Imagine a world where everyone is doing what they love, using their gifts and talents fully - no posturing, no bizarre antics... just authenticity and love.   You are who you are and I am who I am. Largely, that is the world I reside in now and everybody benefits.

Think about a world where you accountant adores doing your taxes, your doctor is a true and gifted healer who is here to serve, where the barista is passionate about serving up the best cup of coffee you've ever had, and the mom next door adores being home with her kids and her kids have unshakable confidence because of that.

When you embrace no competition everyone wins.

Success comes in a million shapes and sizes, there is no formula for being you in exactly the way you are here to show up. Simply being who you are, without apology, in a way that feels absolutely right for you, will lead you to success.   Your clients need exactly your brand of awesome.

Being 100% you is differentiation at it's best.

No one can compete with that.

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