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Honor the Longing


My work is so much of who I am.

So much of who YOU are, too, I know. You are dedicated, committed and absolutely on fire to do meaningful work in the world. And you do -- in big and small ways, just by being you, you are changing the ecosystem of the world through your love, through your wisdom, through your magic. 

As joyful and fulfilling as work is, you need more.

You need time for deep sustenance. Time to rest. Time to think. Time for pleasure and play. Time to indulge your longings....

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A prayer for walking through fire

I am barely settled. 

One day up, one day down, most days sideways. A transcontinental move of epic proportions from Colorado to Zambia. I'm in it. I'm in the fire, facing the challenge of overwhelming change. This missive is for me as much as it is for you. A smoke signal rising from the ashes for those of us who are walking through the fire of challenge. 

As I take one step and then the next through the fires of change, I'm reminded that there is a particular set of circumstances...

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Beginning with a Heart Wide Open

4:30 am. Darkness. 

I wake up with questions. Questions I know will become prayers that pave the path of my journey. The quality of the questions, I know now, determines so much of the experience. 

I've struggled with new beginnings. 

Do I need to recite every catalyst, big and small, like it's own form of prayer, rubbing the mala beads smooth as I mutter under my breath? Is it necessary to mark the countless ways life has held out her hand and asked me to dance and I've either...

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"Let's go on an adventure" is what I said.

I am traveling. On the road with my girl through the American West for a whole, luxurious month. Marking a year of separation from my husband, with another year to go I say, "Let's go on an adventure, Clara." As if somehow, life itself isn't adventure enough. But I know that sometimes, too often, most of the time, really -- I need to step away from the day to day machinations of my life to appreciate the beauty, healing and vast abundance that life...

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The Path of a Love Ninja


I attended an intense training last week. 

I affectionately call it, "Ninja Training." The entire week of training was focused on taking personal responsibility for safety through skill building - whether it was crashing a car, being shot at, navigating a building on fire. However, the real take away was being situationally aware.

Pay attention to what's going on around you. 

Who doesn't agree with that, right? Of course we all know that awareness is vital...

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A Wealth of Adventure


The World is Magnificent.

A wealth of beauty and adventure are ready and waiting to show you just how amazing you are - from experiences hiding in your own backyard to far-flung, exotic locations. 

When I ask the question, "What do you really want to experience in your lifetime? What are the edges you want to dance at and expand? What would take your breath away?"

More than I ever would have expected, the answer is a blank stare. 

I contend that knowing all the...

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