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Love Letters in the Dark


For those of you who struggle today.

Be it with your business, your financial situation, or with your relationships. Maybe your whole life feels like it's falling apart. Maybe you've hit the bottom, maybe you are still in free fall. Maybe you aren't there today, but when you find yourself in the dark, today I write for you and to you.

I know it's not popular to be in this particular space - this darkness. This place of not knowing.

It's a scary place for most. I know it can be for me.

When I...

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The Beauty of Discipline


Discipline is a beautiful thing.

I know you may not agree with that. I get it. However, when we are so passionate about something that we show up for it every day, it is poetry in motion. This daily commitment to what we truly desire turns into success.

This was so clear to me at Air Force Academy football game.

I'm no raving football fan, but it was absolutely beautiful to see those confident, well-trained cadets doing their thing with such mastery. I'm not just talking about the football...

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Effort Required

I do not believe in quick fixes.

In our culture of get rich quick and instant gratification, it can be difficult to remember that mastery of anything requires an investment of time and energy. I believe that when we look for the quick fix we do ourselves, and our greatest work, a gigantic disservice.

To me, we are on a hero's journey.

I've pursued my share of "quick fix" solutions and the one thing I've learned over and  over is that when I find myself lured by the promise of something...

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Go There.

You know how it is.

Something hurts.  You feel unmotivated, unsure of your next move, you feel like people aren't hiring you when they should hire you, your kids are acting up, you aren't making enough money, your partner isn't being supportive, your parents are sick, the work of being a business owner feels like it is beyond your capacity.

Sometimes one little pain point, sometimes lots all at once.

We rail at the universe for making it so hard.  We take it personally.  We...

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Are you Devoted?

For many years, my yoga practice felt like running through the mud.

After that first class, where I had the felt sense of being in my body, it became, to put it mildly, a slog.  Every time I practiced, I would find myself angry for no reason, or crying, or experiencing a barrage of dark thoughts that would plunge me into depressive states for days, if not weeks.  It would have been far easier to quit and write yoga out of my life.

I knew what was happening was necessary.

I didn't...

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Letting Life Break You Open

My Mother is self-destructing.

As dramatic as that sounds, it's true.  Just a fact of life.   She's been in four rehab centers this last year and hasn't maintained more than 2 months of consecutive sobriety to my knowledge.

This is an old, painful story for me and my family.  Part of me would like very much to march on like a good little soldier and say that it's okay -- that we know, as adults, we can't do anything but pray.  That the people we love have their own paths...

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