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The ocean refuses no river, no river
The ocean refuses no river, no river
halleluj, halleluj
— Origins: Sufi Chant


"The Ocean Refuses No River."

This beautiful chant was taught to me when I was becoming a yoga teacher at Kripalu in 2003. I have no idea what teaching our leaders were offering or the context, but I remember this morning more clearly than any other of my training. Our group sang this in rounds, with drums and it has lived in me ever since, surfacing...

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Befriend Your Demons


How do you face your demons?

This may seem like an odd question, but many women struggle to look directly at their own suffering - let alone get support or share what's happening in the realm of their darkest struggles out of fear or shame or, in the hope, perhaps, that if they ignore their demons they will disappear. Rest assured that without facing our demons directly, they will bring us to our knees, insisting on our attention in some form or fashion that we will not like. 


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You are the magic


I do 'energy work'.

I believe in it deeply and use my understanding of energy and manifesting daily with clients, however, my perspective on what energy work is, and isn't, has changed drastically over the years. 

I used to believe that there was some kind of magic that energy workers had that I didn't. Maybe you do, too.

In reality, what was happening was that I often turned over my free will and my internal knowing of what is right for me to the energy workers that I hired,...

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The Power of a Vision


It was Roughly Thirteen Years Ago

I was sitting at my kitchen table with case of beer in the fridge, a half-smoked pack of cigarettes on the table and Pema Chodron's book, When Things Fall Apart in my hands. 

I could not get drunk that night. 

I was dismayed. (Which is an understatement.)

As the sun set over the Olympic Mountain Range, the brilliant orange colors lit up the Puget Sound. I closed my eyes, and I had what was the first Medicine Vision I remember having.  


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Playing with Money Energy

Horses aren't my "thing".

Not close up, at least.  Yes, yes, they are pretty and majestic and all that jazz (pictures! send me pictures!!), but they are also big. In person, I find their energy somewhat disconcerting, alien, and well, BIG.

Last year, I got in the ring for an Equus coaching experience.

I had been hearing SO much about getting in a round pen with a horse with the intent of joining up with the horse - the whole goal, as I heard it, is to get the horse to acknowledge you as...

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Fear is not the Enemy

My truce with fear and anger was tenuous at best. 

Though I spend hours with clients, helping them ease into feeling their feelings and feel them in their bodies, it has always been with the understanding that we want to get our emotions to "go away" so we can get un-stuck and make better decisions.  That feelings must be felt (as annoying and inconvenient as that may be), but then we can move on to something better than the pesky feeling-state.

I was preparing for something that...

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Taking shavasana at the end of your project

Being in creation-mode is super-yummy, isn't it?

There is passion, energy, focus, and productivity. It is, for the business owners I know, a happy place to be in, because you are getting your work out into the world.

Over the last month, I've been happily in creation-mode, working on the first month of the Business Yoginis Circle. It was a tremendous amount of work -- work that was enjoyable, even when things got a bit frustrating (like, making the same video, a million different...

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