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Bless Your Inflow and Outflow

I love being paid for what I do.

I imagine you do, too. The other day I was working with a phenomenal healer and at the end of our session, she reminded me how I could pay her. The thing is, I already had. 

I reminded her that I had paid her and she said, "Oh that's right! Thank you! That never happens...." This surprised me, though I think it's more common than I might expect. 

This beautiful woman didn't know that I work with women around money, wealth and investing. I told her my...

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Going to the Source


It was the year my husband went to Afghanistan. 

I knew that year I was going to take time every damn day for me. To do the things that I love. And I did. I hiked, I meditated outdoors. I danced. I talked to my guides and I spent time with dear friends. I slept more and worked less. Yes, I worried about my husband, but I did everything in my power to fill my cup and keep it full to overflowing.

I spent my play time almost entirely outdoors. I hadn't spent so much time outdoors...

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Solving a Better Problem


I was very good at solving the 'not enough' problem.

Over and over again, monthly - if not every two weeks - I found myself filled with fear and the rush that would come with scrambling around, finding money, paying bills, shuffling debt around. Then I would reward myself with mindless spending on stuff that I didn't really want or need, perpetuating the cycle when the money would run out and the credit card bill would arrive.

Fear, panic and the question, "Why does this keep happening?"...

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The Nature of Money

"Money is just dirty paper." 

I worked in a bank in my early 20's. Believe me, when you count bills all day and your fingers turn black from the counting, stacking and wrapping of different denominations of money, that is the experience of money. Dirty paper.

But if it were just dirty paper, it wouldn't take so much of our time and attention.

What is money, really? 

Money IS dirty paper. And it's also so much more.

Money is a construct, a tool - something that we...

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The $25,000 Hole in My Budget



My nine year old asked me a few weeks ago what color my hair REALLY is.

That question (as many of her questions do) shook me awake. Her question invited me into an exploration of my relationship with my own beauty and the cultural ideas of beauty that are everywhere - and the financial cost associated with chasing after a standard of beauty I can never meet.

Twenty five thousand, two hundred dollars is the rough estimate of how much I have spent on coloring my hair for the last...

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Stop Waiting


What if...

What would happen if you stopped waiting for your business to grow or for your bank account to be larger? What if you quit spending every waking moment trying to be somewhere other than where you are?

Waiting is living with false limits.

Even when it's steeped in purpose and love, life is not exclusively about your work.

Here's what I believe, though it's harder in the practice than in the preaching for someone as conditioned to live for work as...

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You can do hard things


Reflecting back: 8:00am, December 10, 2004

I had been pushing for three hours. My husband had gone off to do laundry - his nerves were shot from the labor. I was sitting in the birthing tub in Clara's nursery, my head hanging over the side and I was crying.

"I can't do this. It's too much. It hurts. I've been pushing too long. What if something is wrong? Why won't she come out? What's wrong with me?" I was tired, scared and in pain and I was telling my midwife through tears all the...

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The healing power of curiosity


The thorniest issues inspire the most powerful questions.

The very first question I asked my first coach was, "How can I possibly ask for payment to do something I love? Work that feels like a spiritual calling?"

This one question led me to answers and insights and healing that was extraordinarily powerful. Frankly, I remember it being a hard question to even ask, which was telling in and of itself. The shame I felt for even WANTING to make money doing work I loved was interesting to note.


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The Language of Abundance


We live in a very all or nothing society.

Here's the kind of stuff I heard growing up (and stuff a lot of my clients heard, too)... Either you are successful or you are a failure. You are either rich or you are poor. You do it right or you do it wrong. Either you have enough or you don't. You are happy or you are sad. You are worthy or you are not.

No middle ground. Extremes of "goodness" or "badness".

This is the language of scarcity.

Scarcity is a choice-less state. In scarcity, you cling...

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A woman who invests

Today, I am a woman who invests.

This is an evolution, a journey for me. And it is far richer and goes much deeper than just money in an investment account (though that's pretty exciting to me, too).

It was hard for me to conceptualize investing actual dollars until I learned how to invest in other key ways.

I had to learn how to stop simply spending and learn how to start investing - in all areas of my life.

Spending vs. Investing

Spending money {time, energy, love... anything, really} is...

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