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Working with Money Fear


Money and fear often go hand in hand

Somehow, we've gotten the message that fear is bad - that it is something to be avoided at all costs. SO many of the women I work with arrive with tremendous fear of money in different forms and variations. So the time felt ripe to write a post about fear and how to work with it in a way that actually works.

This is not a "Fuck Fear" post

Nope, it' s actually going to be a lot more empowering than that. Because frankly, I think it's ridiculous to believe...

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Why Chaos is Perfect

Chaos Theory.

In business school, I had this radical professor who taught us all about business management from the perspective of quantum physics. He blew my mind in every class, in every interaction I had with him. When we studied chaos theory, the main thing I remember was his excitement when he would talk about the inherent order that exists in chaos.

As a young 20-something, it opened up a new way for me to approach my upbringing.

Was it possible that there was order in the chaos that I...

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Birdfeeders, Marketing & Money


I adore feeding birds in my backyard.

This morning, as I sat in meditation on my snowy deck, two black-capped chickadees were breakfasting on our newest feeder. They chatted in the bush nearby and flitted out only to get their seeds.  The snow fell, I drank my coffee, and my heart-swelled with love and gratitude that I could provide sustenance for those two little birds.

The wisdom of the bird feeder.

Marketing is how we generate income, so it's important (like really important). It's...

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The Price is Right


"What price should __________ be?"

This is probably one of the most common and angst-filled questions that my clients and I tackle together. What is the right price for your services? How do you put a price on all the knowledge, education, and wisdom that you've gathered over the years?

There are logical factors you can consider.

What is the value to the people you are going to serve? What do other people who do what you do charge?

Unfortunately, for a lot of healing practitioners, coaches...

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Getting paid for "Spiritual" Work


Is this familiar?

"It's this being paid for work you feel called to. I call it the "Bodhisattva Belief", though you can substitute any tradition - Mother Teresa, monks, etc. A deeply held sense that you are here to serve, and therefore - this depends - do not need/deserve/cannot allow yourself to be paid."

This is not at all unusual.

This is a fairly common legacy belief among healers, coaches, and other holistic practitioners that can wreak havoc, effectively shutting down financial...

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More of Who You Are


I believe in you.

Even if you feel off kilter or like you don't know what the hell you are doing at the moment. Even if you know you aren't doing what you are here to do. Even if you feel like you are somehow flawed, I know better.

Take a deep breath, you are more than okay.

I believe in you - deeply. Your essence of awesome. That human history of tragedy and triumph that has shaped and molded you into your current brilliance. The current iteration of your evolution that is polishing the...

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What Changing the World REALLY Means


You have the ability to change the world.

I imagine that you either think, "I can't do that." or "Shit, that's a huge responsibility - how will I do that?" or "YES! I am superwoman!!!" or perhaps something totally different, however, this post is for you if your internal response fell into the "no way" or the" how" camp.

More than 7 Billion people inhabit planet earth.

My work and yours will likely not be known personally by the majority of those people. To put it in perspective, I have a...

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Effort Required

I do not believe in quick fixes.

In our culture of get rich quick and instant gratification, it can be difficult to remember that mastery of anything requires an investment of time and energy. I believe that when we look for the quick fix we do ourselves, and our greatest work, a gigantic disservice.

To me, we are on a hero's journey.

I've pursued my share of "quick fix" solutions and the one thing I've learned over and  over is that when I find myself lured by the promise of something...

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On Getting Bare in Conversations

Avoidance is a common response to hard topics.

When we are faced with difficult conversations (or conflicts), often our habitual response is to avoid. To move away from the conversation - maybe because of social rules (sex is not a topic of polite conversation), perhaps because we experience shame (I'm not good with money!), or fear (what if__________??).

Or, there is so just much old belief and emotion tied up in the topic, that it can seem impossible to approach.

This week my family has...

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Get Past the Internal 'Glass Ceiling'

The lion's share of the obstacles you face are internal.

After spending years in corporate accounting and becoming a CPA - I still ended up ashamed and in financial disaster in my twenties. Even after digging myself out of financial disaster and knowing that I have a ton of hard-won skills and wisdom in and around business and finance - I still bumped up against deep fears, doubts and resistance when I started my venture.

What was truly at the heart of the business challenges I have faced had...

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