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The Art of Dwelling in Worth


"I don't want to do my workout." 

I woke up this morning and that was my first thought. Clara has been sick. I was sick. It was Clara's birthday. We are traveling next week. I'm in the middle of 2018 Medicine Visions. I'm preparing space for the women who are gathering for The School of Sacred Practice including answering questions, having chats and sharing my thoughts with women on why it matters to them. 

My workout seemed like a royal pain in the ass that I definitely didn't have...

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Love Made Visible


For the sensitive, empathic woman with Work to do.

I see the ways that you've pushed yourself out into the world to the point of exhaustion, I see the way that you've been cruel to yourself in the face of your own needs, I see the way that you've tried to bend your impulses and energy to the will of the world. I see how you continue to question yourself and what you know is true. 

Take a deep breath.

Do you notice how profound the stress is in your body when you send a post or share an...

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The Ways of Wild Wealth


"Wealth" triggers strong reactions. 

Three years ago, when I began talking about my own path, and my work, as the path of Wild Wealth - a dear friend told me that she was completely turned off by the word wealth, which I found fascinating. We had a long discussion about what wealth is, and what it is not. 

(She eventually came around to my way of thinking.)

In our society, wealth is associated primarily with financial wealth -- but the root of the word wealth is "weal" which,...

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The Secret of Change

the secret of change.png

Six years ago, money was a big issue for me.

I couldn't look at my money because I was unconsciously acting on a story of lack: lack of love and respect for myself, lack of trust, lack of capacity to care for my resources because I felt that I didn't have any resources at a fundamental level.

Even as a CPA, I was deeply entrenched in this story, in reaction to this false sense of scarcity and "not-enoughness", I would "treat" myself to try and feel worthy or abundant which would amplify my...

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Reaching for Light


Light is everything in personal development. 

I'm taking photography lessons from the incomparable Mary Lynn Ashley - a long time professional photographer and neighbor (she even took Clara's baby photos... awww!). Yesterday, we set off for a hike, and a lesson in light. 

As Mary Lynn shared her perspective on light and photography, I was struck by the truth of what she said - when a subject is in full sun, it's flat - it looks one dimensional. However, once you find a position...

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Let's Be Unstoppable


The ever-wise Julie Daley led a group I was part of through an exercise to determine our essence. I was struggling to get to the bottom of it for myself and Julie took me a little deeper, a little deeper, until I landed on unstoppable. 

When I am in a state of integrity with myself and my truth, I am unstoppable. 

Over the six years my business has been operating, I've been through three distinct evolutions in my business: business and yoga (the business yogini, you may remember),...

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Bless Your Inflow and Outflow

I love being paid for what I do.

I imagine you do, too. The other day I was working with a phenomenal healer and at the end of our session, she reminded me how I could pay her. The thing is, I already had. 

I reminded her that I had paid her and she said, "Oh that's right! Thank you! That never happens...." This surprised me, though I think it's more common than I might expect. 

This beautiful woman didn't know that I work with women around money, wealth and investing. I told her my...

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Say Yes to Risk


If you are in business, you are in the business of risk. 

  • There is the risk of not making enough money to pay the rent.
  • The risk of leaving the corporate paycheck behind.
  • There is the risk of concept failure. 
  • There is the risk that life will intervene and you will have to scale back your business.

And then there are all the risks that go along with grabbing the ring and succeeding.

  • There is the risk that you will be criticized, called out, judged and disliked by some. 
  • ...

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The Power of a Vision


It was Roughly Thirteen Years Ago

I was sitting at my kitchen table with case of beer in the fridge, a half-smoked pack of cigarettes on the table and Pema Chodron's book, When Things Fall Apart in my hands. 

I could not get drunk that night. 

I was dismayed. (Which is an understatement.)

As the sun set over the Olympic Mountain Range, the brilliant orange colors lit up the Puget Sound. I closed my eyes, and I had what was the first Medicine Vision I remember having.  


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Deep Listening


I recently found *the perfect* spot for my bird feeder - in a tree I love near the back of our home. For two days, after putting the feeder up, nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. 

Here's what I thought:

  • There is so much abundance in Hawaii, what I have to offer the birds sucks.
  • Birds prefer bugs to anything I might put out. 
  • No birds are going to eat the seed. 

I was feeling pretty sad and let down, to be honest. I love watching birds and it brings me endless delight to feed...

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