Are you ready for a money refresh?

innate worth money matters money refresh Nov 16, 2021

This last week, I've been reflecting and it's high time for my personal and family money refresh. This is something that began about twelve years ago, and I don't think I've ever shared it with you. In today's love letter, I'm going to share when to do a money refresh, what that might look like for you, and the most important question to ask yourself when doing a money refresh. 

There are times when life is hectic.

Even writing that makes me giggle because, of course life gets hectic. And when life gets hectic in my corner of the world, my money practices definitely slip or, circumstances dictate that my money practices require a refresh. 

Case in point. Over the last eighteen years, my family and I have moved twelve times. Every time we move, there is a change in expenses and often income. Not only that but moves are filled with expenses that are unexpected. Other times that our money awareness can wane are during illnesses or travel or periods of grief. 

When life begins to settle in the aftermath of upheavals big and small, it's an opportunity to do a money refresh. 

What is a money refresh?

At least twice a year, and after every move, we've made for the last twelve years, I do what I refer to as a money refresh. 

A money refresh is setting aside time to reconnect with your money, to freshen up your systems and get clear on where you stand, and finally, to consider what is working and what isn't working so you can course correct. 

What a money refresh is not.

It's important to presence that a money refresh is not an opportunity to berate yourself. You are invited to approach a money refresh with curiosity and compassion, with the intention of reestablishing clarity with who you want to be with money from this moment forward. 

So let's you and I agree, right now - should you decide a money refresh is in your future, please treat yourself and your money with curiosity and compassion.  

Four steps to a money refresh.

  1. Create sacred space. To do your refresh, I suggest you set aside 30 - 45 minutes per day for 3 - 4 days. Make it a ritual to reconnect with your money - tea, coffee, chocolate, candles, lovely music - what would make this time you are dedicating to your relationship with money feel sacred. Put it on your calendar, okay?

  2. Connect with your money. If it's been a minute, I suggest you begin by checking balances and writing them all down on one piece of paper (or in a document). Look at your checking, savings, investment accounts, and debt. Alternatively, if you have a system to track your money, get your numbers up to date and you may choose to write down your balances as well.

    This is the important part of this step - get curious and notice how you feel about your money in this moment. You might also consider what your money has allowed you to do or how it has supported you in the last period of time, even if you feel some anxiety or frustration crop up. You can absolutely hold both frustration and appreciation.
  3. Ask some good questions. Listen if step two was challenging, take a pause. Feel your feet on the ground and take some deep breaths and relocate your curiosity and compassion.  You may even ask someone to sit with you while you complete your money refresh. Here are two questions to ask yourself once you'e taken the time to connect with your numbers:

    What is working with my money?
    What am I ready to shift with my money?

    Take time with these questions - I suggest writing your answers long-hand. Set a timer for 10 minutes with each question and let yourself free write. 
  4. What is your ONE priority? In one of my favorite books, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, he tells us that there is no such thing as priorities (plural) that a priority is singular. Consider your answers to the questions in step three and determine what is your ONE priority to focus on with your money? 

    Is it your priority to earn more? To spend less (on books - this is me raising my hand)? To develop your savings and investments? Or perhaps it to pay off debt. No matter what, I suggest you consider what would help you move closer to your version of a more-than-enough life as well as what would feel like care and kindness for you AND your money. 

Anytime is the perfect time for a money refresh.

 If you already have healthy money practices, a refresh can help you hone in on how you can move forward with more intentionality. However, most of us have some level of struggle with money. A refresh can show you the path to creating a healthier relationship with your money, yes, but a refresh can also illuminate the soft places where you may have some wounding to tend. So please go gently with yourself in the money refresh. 

It's your turn - Will you do a refresh now? Hit me with your questions or insights! I can't wait to hear about it!



Psst: Mark your calendar - the week of January 10th, I will be holding a community money refresh at no cost where I will guide you through my process over five days. So mark your calendars!! 

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