Better Together.


Yogic practices saved my life.

My first asana class in my 20’s was like a homecoming to my body — that class (and a very skillful teacher) was the beginning of a journey of deeper healing and vitality that has continued to support my growth in unexpected ways. Though I still practice asana (the physical postures), it is the breathwork, inner contemplation, meditation, and mantra that I practice daily as pathways to center myself and find joy.

But yoga alone wasn’t enough.

Psychology-based practices such as therapy and coaching were absolutely critical to my growth and healing as well. Therapy gave me insight early in my life into the wounds and patterns that were mine to work with. Coaching has given me space to understand myself, to peel back the layers of obligation and conditioning to find my true nature, it has nurtured my self-esteem, and helped me change destructive patterns of behavior and self-talk so I get more of the right things done in all areas of my life.

I needed both. It’s why I continue to deepen my mastery of both ways of facilitating insight, growth, and meaningful change as a coach and teacher. It’s why I joyfully continue with both — because embodiment practices and coaching are, simply put, better together.

The magic happens in the “and”.

As powerful as both embodied practices and psychology-based practices are, the magic happens when you say yes to both. Talking about your vision for change and strategizing on what action steps you need to take is vital and necessary, but not if you are perpetually pushing past a deep feeling of anxiety, exhaustion, or discontent and acting out of obligation. Nourishing practices that allow you to access a sense of peace, well-being, and clarity are delicious, but not if you struggle to take that clarity and peace out of your practice and make your dreams a reality.

Bringing together the wisdom of both body and mind offers a path of joy, yes, but also balance, integrity and inspired action. Supporting the whole self in this way creates a foundation for you to create and bring your vision to life with greater ease.

My desire for you.

If you have ever stood at the place where two rivers flow together, you have experienced the power of confluence. When you commit to practices of embodiment and the support and nourishment of a thought-partner and coach it has the same quality as the confluence of two rivers: you amplify the energy that you are able to bring to your desires and intentions.

I want you — and every woman, really — to feel deeply supported. To feel seen and heard and witnessed. I want you to be surrounded by people who elevate you and hold the vision for you and your intentions. I want you to be celebrated in your unique vision of success and held tenderly as you pick yourself up when things go awry. I want you to find the confluence of deeply nourishing embodied spaces and engaged, supportive thought-partners that will support you in becoming the woman you are, the woman you wish to be in business, and in life.

You are Invited

Find your practices and your people. Give yourself the gift of space and support. If you have a coach or therapist but have a hard time creating space for tuning into your body, I invite you to try a yoga class, a dance class, or even find a meditation space that calls to you. You might consider joining my online circle, Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary — a regenerative, online community of women who gather for breath work and active imagination one to two times each month. If it sounds appealing to sink into deep restoration and connection, supported by energy work, that ripples out to how you move through the world, I hope you will join us (registration is open now through December 15th).

May you find your practices and your people in the coming year, sister. You, and your dreams, deserve that.



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