The Moment of Your Truth


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How long have you known?

You were born knowing your Truth. You knew that then, before you were told otherwise. And of course, you know that now, but at some point, you may have started walking it back, hiding it away, or even dismissing or diminishing what you know to be true for all the right reasons.

Maybe you wanted to fit in, or not get in trouble, or perhaps you noticed that the people around you didn't understand or, that there was no context in which you could understand the Truth of your being so you dismissed it, diminished it. Simply put, you walked away from yourSelf, as so many of us do.

I honor you and the desire to belong. We do the best we can, don't we?

You circled back to truth.

If you are here, at some point, you began to circle back. You got curious. Or maybe you got sick. Or you just got fed up. There may have been a catalytic event that propelled you to find what you hid away so long ago. You felt the longing to come home to your own Soul, to the knowing of your heart. 

You came home to yourSelf and your longing to live your magic, yes, but also to share it with the world. To teach, to coach, to support others in their own expression of wholeness. 

The uncomfortable edge.

In making the return journey home to your knowing, to your heart, to your soul's essence, you find the journey is challenging. For all the "bliss" that is promised, the truth is, the path can be brutal. Yes, beautiful and yes, brutal. 

One of the edges that I am most fascinated by both in myself, and in others, is that even as we spiral inward toward essence, toward fully embodying the truth of true nature and the work that we are called to, there are ongoing challenges. 

Bliss or no bliss, the urge to deny, dismiss or diminish what we know is true is destructive -- this urge creates distance and does real harm. An internalized prison that keeps us at a safe distance from the heart of our truth and the work we are truly here to do. 

The lies we tell ourselves and others.

Language matters. Too often, I hear my clients or women I know speaking about themselves in ways that keep them shackled. 

"Oh, I'm just doing this little thing..."
"I'm so afraid, which means I suck and I'm never going to...."
"I do this weird thing..."
"I can't share this because people will think..."
"I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm so stupid...."

I hear variations on these sentences daily in my own head and from the mouths of clients. These kinds of statements, allowed to run the show unchecked, become painfully embedded in our psyches, amplifying our fear and diminishing our ability to be fully and joyfully ourselves in the world. 

I've been actively rooting out this language for years and still, it persists. As I've named it for what it is -- self-perpetuated violence -- I've taken it more seriously and it's drastically improved. Maybe it will never go away, but I understand just how important this is for our individual and collective liberation. It seems like such a small thing, easily overlooked as not so important -- there is an impulse to diminish and dismiss the way we diminish and dismiss ourselves. But these statements are lies. Flat. Out. Lies.

Call it what it is and let's try something different. 

The moment of your truth.

How we speak to, and about ourselves, either draws us closer to ourSelves and others, or creates distance. It may be one of the most important aspects of our development as humans.  How we speak to, and about ourselves, is the very foundation of our self-worth, of our relationships, the health and wellbeing of our communities and of the success of our work in the world. It is the heartbeat of how we communicate with others, how we connect and our language either fosters, or fractures, our sense of belonging. 

You and I have the great good fortune (and burden) of living into ways of being and working that are undefined, and therefore undervalued, by our society. We have a choice to continue perpetuating the language of dismissal and diminishment or to commit to grounding ourselves in the truth. 

When faced with the crappy, diminishing, and dismissive words that spill out of your mouth, take a moment to find and speak your truth and let me begin by telling you what I know for sure about you. 

  • You do work at the edges where spirit meets matter and our current language cannot possibly contain the mystery of you and your work in the world.

  • You are afraid because walking in places without a compass or a map takes courage and you have that in spades, don't you?

  • You do work that deeply serves the world. You know this by the impact that you have on people, whether they can articulate it or not.

  • You must share who you are because otherwise, you will never feel a true sense of belonging nor will others be able to receive you fully if you hide and that would be sad for everyone.

  • You may not know what the long-term plan is, but that is okay because you are called and your soul knows the way.

It's okay to say these things. To stop diminishing and dismissing yourself. To draw close to your truth and to give others the chance to see you clearly, to teach them the truth of who you are and in doing so, who they are.

With great tenderness, embrace the truth.

It is turning toward yourSelf, and your truth -- even (especially) when it's uncomfortable -- that liberates and empowers. You live and breathe at the very edge of human awareness and language. You are operating in the mystery. At this edge, you are expanding the conscious knowing of what is real and creating the language as you go. This is revolutionary work, and, make no mistake, it is changing the world we live in.

Speak to, and about yourself, with great care, sister. As you do, may the world open to you with warm celebration of the gifts you carry for yourself, for all of us. 



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