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In January, something magical happened. 

I woke up one morning and realized I wasn't anxious anymore. 

This has been really big news. And I was surprised as hell. 

You see friends, I've spent my whole life (as long as I can remember, anyway) fueled by an internal "engine" of anxiety. I don't know that others would have said, "Nona is an anxious person." But the driver behind my actions throughout each and every day? Anxiety. After years of coaching, energy work, shamanic work, yoga and personal development, I had accepted that this anxiety was part of me - hell, it drove a lot of positive action. 

  • I'm going to take up an exercise program. Why? Anxiety about being overweight.
  • I'm going to launch a new program. Why? Anxiety about being successful. 
  • I'm going to stop eating XY or Z. Why? Anxiety about my body and my health. 

This list goes on and on.... from the major I chose in University to why I breastfed my daughter for so long. 

So what changed? 

After sending my husband off to Africa last year and moving from Hawaii to Colorado, I realized just how frayed I had become. I recognized that all the yoga, all the meditating and all of the energy healing and coaching wasn't able to keep my nervous system from going into overdrive in response to the littlest things. I was tense. I was tired. I was wired. None of my go-to paths of healing were "working".  I wanted to increase my resilience in the face of our ever-shifting life. 

A few friends mentioned breath work to me when I explained my struggle. I had learned breath control {pranayama} as part of my training as a yoga teacher, but this felt different (because it is). I jumped into an intensive 10-month training and devoted significant time to the continued study of instinctual and embodied methods of healing, meditation and attention. My intention going in was to develop a more resilient nervous system so I could say YES more readily to my life - that was it. 

What I have received is so much more.

  • As I mentioned, my internal "engine" of anxiety vanished. What was left was feeling contentment and peace. This was shocking and a little disconcerting. After all, I had identified myself with that buzzy driven feeling for my whole life. Now I identify with a sense of peace and honest connection with my truth. 
  • Increased sleep and energy. I've had years of disrupted sleep patterns. Rarely, anymore, do I suffer with insomnia. I sleep well and my energy is far more constant and ease-ful. This had given me back productive hours in each and every day. 
  • An ever-deepening sense of embodied change. You know how you have times you "know" something but it doesn't seem to stick in actions/practice? Yeah, me too. I am finding that things I've wanted to change forever (using my voice more truthfully, and not holding back being one thing off the top of my head I've gone around and around with for years) are changing far more easily. 
  • A bone-deep trust of myself and what I know. Is there anything worse than feeling broken? Like you have to "fix" yourself? Though there are days I have doubts, for the most part, I'm experiencing an unshakable trust - in my body, in my life, in my capacity to live fully and taste ALL of life. Not only is this amazing from the perspective of knowing what I want and what action is right in the moment, but it is deeply satisfying to trust the process. 

This isn't magic, but it sure feels like magic. 

Especially after the myriad amazing trainings and coaching and energy healing and yoga and meditation and therapy that I've done and had done to me for so many years. Whoa. This commitment to knowing myself, my energy, my body and my breath intimately has changed me from the inside out in completely unexpected ways. 

Here’s the thing… space and silence are a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up.  To be loving, purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space devoted to regeneration - to listen closely to the pulse of our own heart without the noise of the world clamoring for our attention. Not only is this healing, but I have found it to be a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing personal truth. 

What this could mean for you.  

To me, this is a story of hope, not just for me but for you as well.

I, like most of you, have done endless amounts of "work" on myself - personal development is in my blood. What I know for sure is that most every modality I've ever tried has been an attempt to stay mostly in my mind and avoid my body and my emotions -  what I've found is that in the body, through the breath, is where the healing happens. It's where the love, the joy, the beauty and the acceptance live. In the body is where right action is initiated. In the body is where all of your native wealth and resources reside. In the body is where you life happens. 

Magic happens in your body, sister. 

Whether you get excited about the new work I'm offering that combines embodied coaching and breathwork or not, you can access this kind of spacious experience. This kind of presence. This kind of satisfaction with life. This level of trust in yourself by taking time every day for silence - not journaling, not reading, not messing on Facebook, but devoting time to developing intimacy with yourself. 

Not sure how to do that? I've got some ideas for you to play with...

  • Dive into your senses. We experience life through our senses - the most prominent sense for many of us mental-types being our eyes. Feel your feet on the ground. Float in water. Feel the air on your skin. Tune into the way your body balances and moves through space. My experience is that this practice of tapping into the full range of our sensory experience of being in a body on earth, opens up the creative faucets for ideas to flow. 
  • Let your body lead. Either lie down or stand up and tune into your body. Does your body want to dance? Get up and dance. Does your body want to stretch in a certain way? Do that. Does you body want to do push-ups or lie down and nap? Do that, then. If you think you can't discern what your body wants, then guess - but be specific. "I feel a tingling in my hamstrings... I think my body would like to do downward dog...." and then do it. This helps build relationship and trust between your mind and your body. 
  • Breathe, sister, breathe. Find a comfortable nest to lie down. Invite your body to relax and melt into whatever you are resting on and then bring your attention to the natural wave of your breath rising and falling. Keep inviting your body to relax and just be present with your experience - that may include: judgements, thinking, physical tension, and/or deep relaxation, pleasure, falling asleep, bliss. Welcome all of it as an opportunity to know yourself intimately. Soon, you'll know the secrets of your very own soul. 

You are invited to make space for magic. 

To really, truly turn toward your body without reserve, without judgement and get to know yourself: body, breath & soul. Attune to your body and feel the magic. Not only in how you feel about yourself (for me and many of my clients it's abundant and clear and steeped in self-trust), but experience the difference in how you work, and how you live. 

Give yourself this magical gift: the gift of yourself.

I would love to hear what you discover about beautiful you in your explorations. 



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