This is Home

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Note: I've been cleaning out my virtual closets over here. The dearest work to my heart over the last few years was Surf Lessons (an eCourse I ran in Hawaii). The lessons are currently undergoing a transformation and are finding a new form, because it speaks so deeply to my belief in pleasure and blessing being our birthright and the most solid, soulful and spacious ground we can walk on as creators and purposeful women. I pulled out this essay from Surf Lessons for you today. May it inspire a deep knowing that you are home when you are deliciously present and in love with the moment that you find yourself in. --xoxo.nona

This is Home

Spending long periods of time in the waves reminds me at a cellular level that enjoyment, love, perpetual movement, creative response and play - these states are our natural home. We instinctually know this. 

One day, I was out at a favorite boogie boarding beach with Clara and Erick. Though we went to boogie board “because Clara loves it”, Clara spent the vast majority of the time digging in the sand while Erick and I stayed out on the waves nearly all day. 

Knocked down, flipped over, and crashed on happened. Effortless ease, perfect waves and long rides in to shore happened. Seemingly endless streams of snot and sea water from my nose, laughter and “oh shit, that wave is big…” yep, that all happened. Floating near my husband, waiting in silence, just feeling the water undulate underneath my body happened too. 

We are uniquely designed to grow through play.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that every single moment was delicious and welcome as I constantly played with, rode, dove into and responded to the water. Whether I'm walking on land, coaching a client or making dinner, this is Truth - we are designed for presence and creative response in playful and pleasurable ways. This. Is. Home. 

I love that when I spend time in and on the water I can still feel the ocean moving inside of me when I’m back on shore - it’s as if my cells sync up with the ocean and they maintain that rocking sensation long after I’ve stepped out of the waves. I treasure that sweet reminder of my true nature as long as it lasts. 

Your true home is delight, sister.

We ARE nature embodied - and nature, you, me, all of it - is divine. We are built for the ecstasy of pleasure and play… it is the heartbeat of creation - this ever-present, exquisite and delicious feast that is life. My experience is that the more I live fully in my body and allow myself to be in a state of delighted presence with the whole range of my experiences, the less I fear and the more I trust. My actions are more purposeful. My intentions are clearer, though sometimes getting to them is messier. My process is wilder, more meandering and far more organic but the results? Far more exquisite. 

Connecting with your true, divine nature through presence, through pleasure, and through play, forges an unshakable trust in yourself and in life. 

My deepest desire is that you find your way to that place in yourself.

You are Invited: Come Home

What do you love? Where do you find the greatest sense of pleasure? When do you allow yourself to play? I am so familiar with all work and no play as a model for success, but sister, it's not. You true home, the Source of inspiration, clear action and pure joy is more readily accessible when you allow yourself to sink, dive and be fully present to, the pleasure of doing what you love, what lights you up, what gets you in your body over and over and over again. 

So again, I ask, what do you love? Can you give yourself that exquisite gift? I promise, the ripple of energy into your life and your business will astonish and delight. 




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Such a beautiful reminder that play, delight, measure is our true home.

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