(Don't) Step Into Your Power

Dear Radiant Soul Sister: 

Are you one of the amazing, creative and spiritual women that says to yourself or someone else, "I want to step into my power." Is this said with a furrowed brow and a vague sense of your power being beyond your grasp, waiting for you out in the 'someday' category? I know what you mean by wanting that - I really do. But honestly, this phrase has always just felt wrong - even when I've been the one to set that intention for myself. 

The thing is, language matters. So consider for a moment what message you are conveying to yourself (and others) if you want to "step into your power". Does that mean you are chasing your power? Was it misplaced? Is it somewhere outside of you? Is it lost, needing to be found? 

Your power is not outside of you. There is nothing to step into, sister. 

What is power, anyway?

If we go to the root of the word power, we find that poer is the Anglo-French root of the word meaning, "to be able". From an energy perspective, power refers to your life force and the ability to use your life force to act on your own behalf: to create, to be gracious, to say no or yes, to keep your own council, to leave or to stay. To choose your action in any given moment.

Your power has nothing to do with others. You do not need permission to wield it as you see fit. Nor is power reliant on (or hindered by) past, present or future conditions. You will not find it looking outside of yourself. There is no stepping into anything.  It has everything to do with you remembering who you are and what you are made of right here and right now.

The irony of the whole "step into your power" concept is that looking outside of yourself you will surely not find YOUR power, and the search outside of yourself renders you feeling more powerless.  

So Where's the Power?

To access and experience your own power you must be present and in your body. The only place that you have any power is in the present moment, in this one wild and precious body you live in - so in order to access your power, it is vital to slow down and cultivate presence. Notice where you are in space and time, follow the breath, take a pause to tune in to your heart - these are vital skills to source your innate power in the moment. 

In the moment you are present, you have access to the power in your body. Sister, this is important. The most powerful place to be is in your body. Frankly, this is lifetime learning for me - I practice every single day with being in my body and not just in my head or out roaming the future or looking outside of myself for validation. All choices that make me powerful or weak? They are right here, right now. The same is true for you. 

However, if we all have personal power and it's a matter of accessing all of our inner resources: our truth, intuition, skills, knowing, grit and strength then really all this "stepping into your power" business is a load of crap. It's not about power, it's about the courage to access and act from the already present wellspring of power that is always within you. 

The desire for personal power is about courage.

The most poignant intention/prayer we could ever hold for ourselves and those around us is,

"Let me have courage to be the powerful woman I already am." 

It's not about stepping in. It's not about finding something that is lost. It's about being courageous enough to listen to your heart. To ask for what you want. To leave. To stay. To open your heart. To speak up and speak out. To say no. To say yes to the life you really, truly want. To do the thing you believe you cannot do, authentically and audaciously. 

Yes, you ARE are powerful. 

May you have courage, sister. May you make the choices that are real and true for you. May you use your life force to make a better world for you and for all. Use your power, use it wisely. It's yours to use now. 

With all my love and belief in you, 


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