You are the magic


I do 'energy work'.

I believe in it deeply and use my understanding of energy and manifesting daily with clients, however, my perspective on what energy work is, and isn't, has changed drastically over the years. 

I used to believe that there was some kind of magic that energy workers had that I didn't. Maybe you do, too.

In reality, what was happening was that I often turned over my free will and my internal knowing of what is right for me to the energy workers that I hired, discounting my own direct experience of my energy in favor of someone else's opinion. When I began studying energy work, I honestly thought that I had somehow gotten a hold of some magic that others didn't have. Not true.

Don't get me wrong, I love energy work.

I still hire energy workers when I have an issue that I want an outside perspective on - or when I want a healing flow of energy and other's powerful intuition to support the work I'm doing. That is helpful - but it's also different than believing that energy workers have something I don't or believing that someone can tell me something that I don't already have innate access to about my own energy. 

In reality, every one of us is an "energy worker"

Every single human being on the planet works their energy on a daily basis. The way that you work with your energy - clearing it, tapping into the higher energies, focusing your energy, using it for good or not - may be conscious or not so much. 

For instance, my husband - the least "woo" oriented person on the planet? He is a skilled energy worker. He is incredibly wise about how he works with his energy and he gets better at it all the time. My husband sets very specific goals for himself (intentions). He writes them down, he reviews them, he thinks about them - he imagines the desired outcome and when it doesn't happen the way he imagines, he integrates the lessons, he expresses his feelings, clearing out any negativity around it, and he moves on - wiser than he was before. 

As he is moving through his days and making his intentions manifest, he keeps his energy attuned to the vibration he prefers through exercise, deep breathing and time outdoors. He has also recently started practicing yoga (which is shocking to me, but I'm thrilled) and he meditates daily on how he wishes his days to unfold. ALL of which move energy: intention, breath, movement, visualization, feeling, presence. 

He has optimized his process and it is a wonder to behold. He is one of the most focused and successful people I know. 

Energy work is aligning with what you want to create.

And then staying curious and present to the process of creation. 

That's it. You do it, I do it, everyone does it. Every single day. Now, you may not be doing it consciously, you may not be listening to your 'gut' feelings about what actions to take (also known as intuition or guidance) and you might be mired in stories and patterns that keep you from what you really want. Energy work from someone else can support you in cleansing, clarifying or shifting energy in your life - but you, you, you are the magic. Always. 

The first real energy worker I ever talked to was right after I miscarried a baby. She talked about chakras and how she was "breaking down barriers around my chakras". I cried. I felt tremendous healing and relief. Guess what? Crying moves energy. It's cleansing. Her language of "breaking down barriers" to me felt magic at the time, however, now it seems to me that the magic was actually her giving me space to grieve, making it safe for me to sink into tears and sadness so I could let it go and move the energy that sat heavy in my heart. I know now that SHE didn't do anything in my energy field, but she held me in the space I needed to process and integrate what had happened.

Potent magic, but shifting the energy, clearing it or focusing it? That is always our own doing. 

There are no shortcuts. 

You are magic. Once you decide you are committed to self-actualization, spiritual growth and healing, you are on the fast track. If you are a woman in business, this is probably you. But there are no shortcuts or fixes that anyone else can offer you. Sometimes, we want it to be really easy. We want someone to change the hard things for us or make things move a little damn faster, thankyouverymuch. I've certainly been guilty of wanting energy work to fix something that I didn't really want to deal with. What creates ease is knowing that you hold the key and if you stay with the process, things shift. Always. 

The gift of a talented energy worker is belief.

A belief that your heart-felt intentions change you and set your dreams in motion. Trust that when you breath into the truth, you are healing - you clear out what no longer works. A knowledge that you and you alone hold the key to changing what isn't working - through action or through letting go. A great energy worker is committed to holding sacred space for you to see and embrace the fullness of your own magic as you dance with the joy and sorrow drenched process of being human.  

You are invited... 

Consider how are you working with your energy. Are you harnessing your own powerful capacity as a energy worker? Owning it and moving it toward what you want in creating the ecosystem of wealth you desire? As we move quickly toward next year, you are invited to claim your potency and power as the number one resource to shift your energy, to know your truth, to operate from love, and create change in your business and your life. 

Ready? Let's go



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