The Joy of Discipline


A few times a month, I send a special missive to the women of this year's Wild Wealth Collective. This week's post in particular, for me, sums up the work that we must do to be the women we want to be: for ourselves, in our business, with our resources and for the world. May this spark the fire in your heart to commit to yourself, to commit to be the woman you want to be in all arenas of your life.  

Joy and Discipline? Say what? 

I will start by telling you that today is the 67th day that I haven't added any sugar to my food (including honey, stevia, or sugar alcohols). That means my beloved cupcakes, cookies, even white breads are mostly gone. This is a truly incredible accomplishment that I am so proud of. 

As a recovering alcoholic of nearly 14 years, I'm well familiar with the necessity of going through the hard parts to get to the good stuff. Not eating sugar has been the same. The first 30 days of not eating sugar were hell and then, I really began noticing some payoff: sleeping through the night, clearer skin, clearer mind, steady energy and more capacity to hear, see and be present with the people right in front of me. 

Often, what feels like true desire is just a petty distraction from the really juicy goodness that is just beyond our temporal desire. The only way I've ever found to find that sweet spot in ANY arena has been the discipline of showing up. Every. Day. Whether. I. Like. It. Or. Not. 

This is not a popular position to take. 

There is a propensity to want to seek ease at all costs, across the board whether it's what you eat, how you move your body, how you market your business or how you tend your resources, including money. 

Most of us (myself included) want something quick and easy. Magic, even. Sometimes, that is available. Mostly, it's not. Mostly, what we really want and value in life happens when we just keep showing up. When we commit. When we learn how to stay at our edges and not quit before the miracle happens. 

Discipline, sisters. 

I forget this. I get caught in the desire for things to be easy. I get caught in the desire to not have to keep at it. I get caught in the desire to succumb to addictive behavior and numb out instead of looking myself in the eye and telling the truth. 

Discipline is a bad word for many, however, years ago when I went to Kripalu and lived there for a month to become a yoga teacher - we were up at 4:30 am for daily Sadhana and then we didn't finish until 7 or 8pm at night. Truly, every part of me hated this, until the day I surrendered to it. I welcomed it. I started showing up and began finding ease and joy in the practice.

And I understood that for me, discipline is being a disciple of my own experience. 

We must be disciples of our own experience. 

Devote ourselves to this idea of showing up for ourselves and the kind of women we want to be, no matter what that means for you. But to do that, there must be a commitment to something that challenges you and holds you to the fire and tempers your soul.  You must choose practices that teach you your strength and your capacity to be uncomfortable and find ease at those edges. You must choose practices that teach you about yourself and your glorious beauty. You must choose this for yourself, because discipline is the path home to your own heart. Because it is pure love for yourself. 

This is it. This is the master key. 

I don't ask my students and clients to show up and practice to frustrate them or bore them. That is just part of the deal - you bump up against the best and worst of yourself when you show up for something regularly. There will always be times that life gets the best of our time, energy and effort. I'm not suggesting being strident or beating yourself up AND I also know that we can make time. That we must make time. 

Whether your practice is yoga, meditation, or sit spot, or tuning into guidance every day - each of you has experienced the magic of showing up every single day for a practice. Maybe you've also gotten bored with or forgotten that I keep asking you to set an intention every week, asking you how you will show up for yourself. That's just part of the deal, too - the forgetting and the remembering. 

As I've gone back over the familiar territory of addiction and my own laziness, my own forgetful nature, I come back to my own practices renewed, with a deep appreciation for the transformation that happens when we show up and breathe at our edge.

Whether you are wanting to sell a new program, or develop your business, or build your bank account or just live with more heart I encourage you to practice. Choose a practice that calls to you and commit to yourself. It's not about the practice as much as it's about showing up for yourself day in, and day out. I promise that if you choose a daily practice for yourself, you will be better in business, with your money and tending your wealth of resources. 

Be a disciple, Sister. A disciple of your self. 

Discipline is the access point of Wild Wealth.  Practice leads you home to the heart of your true nature. Tell me what practice you choose and what it's teaching you about showing up in more vital ways to create the ecosystem (both within you and all around you) that you most want. 



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