Let's Be Unstoppable


The ever-wise Julie Daley led a group I was part of through an exercise to determine our essence. I was struggling to get to the bottom of it for myself and Julie took me a little deeper, a little deeper, until I landed on unstoppable. 

When I am in a state of integrity with myself and my truth, I am unstoppable. 

Over the six years my business has been operating, I've been through three distinct evolutions in my business: business and yoga (the business yogini, you may remember), Get Right with Money, and now, a step beyond money into the territory of supporting women in being investors and recognizing true wealth and abundance which is vast and rich territory - so much larger than money. In my opinion, so much more compelling (and sustainable) than simply focusing on money. 

On the heels of Burundi

This shift happened in earnest for me when my husband got the call: next assignment, Burundi. {Uh, where the hell is Burundi?? I didn't know either. Sub-Saharan Africa, nestled in the great lakes region, between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo}

I started taking note. Reading up. And then the president decided to run for a third term in office. Some people said it was legal, others said it wasn't. Chaos ensued. What also happened was protests. People standing up to a powerful, well-armed government with a scary youth militia that works in the dead of night.

People fled the country (refugee count near 200,000, many of them unaccompanied children). Citizens disappeared, were killed or jailed for disagreeing with the government. 

Keep in mind, this is one of the poorest countries in the world. Between 65 - 70% of the country lives in poverty. Infant and maternal mortality rates are some of the worst in the world. 53% of children are malnourished. (Source: Unicef

And still, they had the courage to stand up and speak

I thought of my own apathy. How things that I find untenable in my own country, in the world, overwhelm me and I say to myself, "I'm too busy focusing on my business." "When I have x number of dollars in the bank, then it will be different, then I will do something." 

Burundi woke me to an internal dissonance with that line of thinking. With the wealth of resources available to me: community support, infrastructure, education, clients, business, love, happiness, health, free time and personal authority that I have, just by being a citizen of the United States, my conditions for being the change no longer felt true. 

This went to work in my heart, even though I kept ignoring it. 

Coal Train

Months later, Clara and I were stopped by a coal train. Waiting ("Forever" as Clara said) at the intersection, she asked what was on the train. I said, "Oh, it's a coal train. That's where our energy comes from." She started naming alternative energy sources, asking me why Colorado wasn't adopting alternative energy more quickly. I had no answer for her. And she said, "We are destroying our environment and there is nothing we can do."

How many times have I thought this very same thing? Too many to count. How many times have I felt the life drain out of me with that thought? Also too many to count. Even as a coach. Even as a woman who deals in holding the vision for possibility and promise, I know this feeling intimately. I know how utterly destructive and disempowering this overwhelm is. 

What do you want to be remembered for? 

I have the capacity to do more and I want to. I want my daughter to remember me as a woman who was unstoppable on behalf of the abundance-drenched planet we live on. I want my daughter to remember me as someone who dreamed a new dream for myself, our family, our human and non-human brothers and sisters and the planet. Not only dreaming a new dream, but also being a woman who consciously invests in the future I want to create.  

As Danielle LaPorte says, "Both of these things are true: You are the center of the Universe. You aren't that important." Damn, that is SO true. I completely agree that it is always an option to step away, to discern what you want in your book of life. 

I'm choosing to be the woman I want me to be. 

The woman I sense my daughter needs me to be. Too big for my britches. Maybe biting off more than I can chew. Generous. Intentionally abundant. Scrappy. Truthful. Eyes lifted to the horizon, holding the vision for a new world, knowing that no matter how much or how little money there is, I can be a powerful agent of change.

What feels utterly delicious to me is making this a core part of my business: I am on fire to consciously invest 50% of the after-tax profits of my 2016 program, Women Empowered 365, in projects and organizations that align with and support the world I believe we can can create together. I will share the whole process with the Women Empowered 365 crew over the course of the year. 

I want to live, teach and model that we have the personal authority to be agents of our own destiny. No matter what the circumstances of our lives. 

My deepest hope is that you will come along for the ride.  That you will want to go beyond the conversation about money (which we will still have, because it's vital to take care of your resources and money is an important one.) and talk about the true nature of power, of wealth, and of investing in the future you wish to create - not only for yourself, but for the greater good. 

You? You are unstoppable, too. 

I believe that women owned businesses are an unstoppable force of nature. I believe that we as individuals and as a collective are, and will continue to, facilitate deep and lasting change that honors the sacred nature of all life. The feminine voice is rising. Now is our time, sisters to be the change, to hold the vision for change and to take action and invest in the future we believe in.

My wish for you.

If you are still here with me, wonderful. I hope you will stick around. If you want to focus exclusively on making 6-figures in your business or if you don't want to hold a vision and take action that is larger than your personal concerns, I honor your choices and it might be time for you to unsubscribe. 

I want you to be profitable - wildly so. I want you to be a woman who invests in the future you most want to exist within. I want you to know in your bones the nature of wealth. I want you to feel connected to your own authority and the power of nature that exists in you and all around you, because that is the source of ALL wealth. 

If you are staying, I'm so glad we are here, together. Let's be unstoppable. 





Oh, I LOVE this, Nona. "I want to be the woman I sense my daughter needs me to be. Too big for my britches."
I want to be braver and too big for my britches too. I want all us women to be!

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Bravo, Nona! This is what the world needs us to do. To step up, in alignment with our Inner Truth, and be unstoppable. Xo

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Nona Jordan Sep 8, 2015 09:07pm

Dawn, yes. Thank you for standing in your Inner Truth and being unstoppable! xoxo

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