Bless Your Inflow and Outflow


I love being paid for what I do.

I imagine you do, too. The other day I was working with a phenomenal healer and at the end of our session, she reminded me how I could pay her. The thing is, I already had. 

I reminded her that I had paid her and she said, "Oh that's right! Thank you! That never happens...." This surprised me, though I think it's more common than I might expect. 

This beautiful woman didn't know that I work with women around money, wealth and investing. I told her my philosophy and teaching on paying and getting paid - she loved it. If you've worked with me, may this be a timely reminder. If you haven't, may this bless the flow of money in, and out of, your life. 

When money flows in

My ideal client profile includes, "Women entrepreneurs who love to pay me, pay me promptly and love the work we do together." In seven years of coaching, this is always true, because if it's not true, well, that's not an ideal client and I only work with ideal clients. 

Being connected to your money in meaningful ways allows you to honor the flow that is coming to you and your desire to invite in more flow. When money arrives to me for the work I do (or in other other ways) I always say, "Thank you." I send a blessing to the person who is investing in themselves through our work and I say thank you to the spirit and nature of money for flowing to me so I can increase the wealth in my life and my community by investing in my business, my life and my deepest held values. 

When money flows out

This is exactly the same as when money flows in, but in the opposite direction.  When I am paying someone else or for coaching, or my utilities or my mortgage, guess what? I love to pay, I pay promptly and I deeply value the services being provided. In fact, if I don't want to pay, that is a signal that maybe I don't really want what I'm paying for (so I cut that out). 

When I send the money, I say thank you to the spirit and nature of money for being available to support what I deeply desire and value. I send a blessing to the provider and consider what I receive for the money. I visualize the flux and the flow of money as it comes to me, goes to them and out and beyond to places unseen by me, to support the lives of many. 

I have found this a powerful practice which develops a deeper relationship not only to your money (and often increases it's flow) but also highlights the places where money may be leaking and where your outflow is deeply aligned with your values (also known as an investment in what you really want). 

You are invited

You are invited to connect deeply with your money. To begin saying thank you for both the money that flows in and the money that flows out. To let this be a litmus test to determine if you are really inviting money in and investing your money in ways that support the world you most want to inhabit. 

Want to share? I would love to hear what happens when you play with blessing your inflow and your outflow. 

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A beautiful notion, blessing the outflow in equal measure to the inflow. I've evolved to the point of feeling gratitude to the universe for providing enough when it seems there will not be, but had not thought to extend the gratitude to the actual process of the payment itself. Thank you!

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Nona Jordan Sep 8, 2015 09:08pm

Jennifer, let me know what you notice as you begin blessing your outflows as well. XOXO

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