The Path of a Love Ninja


I attended an intense training last week. 

I affectionately call it, "Ninja Training." The entire week of training was focused on taking personal responsibility for safety through skill building - whether it was crashing a car, being shot at, navigating a building on fire. However, the real take away was being situationally aware.

Pay attention to what's going on around you. 

Who doesn't agree with that, right? Of course we all know that awareness is vital for our safety, our health, our happiness and our appropriate response to what is happening in the world. 

The training - all of it - was so valuable, I will likely use the entire experience as a metaphor for a money course {Money Ninja - get on the first to know list here} and, at the same time, it struck a deep nerve for me. Having experienced the effects of a nervous system on high alert during my young life and my 20's, I noticed myself getting tense and strung up, looking for danger everywhere. 

After all, that is the point they want to drive home. It's their job. 

Danger Everywhere! 

The third day of training, we went outside for some demonstrations. We were outdoors, huddled in a hut behind fire safe glass, watching explosions of various materials - the finale being a car being blown up. 

The explosions guy (his official title, I'm sure) was going on about how terror groups use each type of explosive and the increase of these types of attacks. Again, "Danger Everywhere - BE AWARE." 

What they really meant.

What the instructors really meant wasn't be aware, but be on high alert. As I tuned him out, I looked around. The explosion area was in a huge field of pink flowers. A sweet forest stood at the edge of the field. The sky had cleared and sun was peeking through the clouds. I noticed some birds building nests in the rafters of the explosion hut. 

I was very aware that for all the threat that these amazing instructors were teaching us to be ready for, the lesson was unbalanced - which was evidenced by the very environment they operate in and their unwavering focus on what is threatening, what could go wrong any moment. 

The {Huge} Missing Link

I want to honor the wisdom of the instruction I was given - the skills developed and the enhancement of my capacity to defend and take care of myself and those I love. At the same time, I want to return to what I felt was the missing link. 

Each morning, a beautiful heron passed over the campus right around the time we were getting off the bus. I saw it four of the five days. Out of my group of 40 and the instructors that were in the vicinity, I didn't see anyone else looking up in delight as that majestic creature flew over.  

I saw a fox near the driving track, as well as a deer and a faun. 

Birds were building nests all over the property - despite the explosions, squealing tires, and gunfire. They seemed undeterred. The flowers, trees and grasses were healthy and prolific.

If the point is situational awareness, why would others not notice these clear signs of peace, thriving and abundance? It seems like an oversight that no one pointed out that actually, in the grand scheme of things, things are mostly safe and tend to turn out okay. 

The Wisdom of Radical Awareness. 

Practice presence. Be aware. Train yourself on the skills that will keep you safe if something DOES happen because frankly, it's fun and empowering as hell to know how to use your ulna as a weapon if someone is foolish enough to mess with you. True story.   

Personally, I don't want to be on HIGH ALERT all of the time or be seeking danger with every step. Nor do I believe it's even necessary. I know that when we are actually present and we show up to the magnificence that is life on earth, we are wired to intuit the beauty, connection and delight that life has to offer as well as the threat - in the event it happens. We are amazing like that. 

This is the path of being a love ninja.

You are Invited.

Be a love ninja. Consider your own relationship to awareness. How often are you fully, radically aware of what is happening around you and ready to respond creatively with all of your mad skillz? Note that radical awareness is truly a basic and fundamental aspect of your own Wild Wealth - a rich inner resource that you can tap to change your experience of your life and yourself as the love ninja that you already are. 



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