It's All for You

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Note: Today, I got the very thing I needed from my final email to the most recent Surf Lessons crew. Given our coming move and the wild uncertainty that is this particular transition, I had to smile when this landed in my inbox this morning. 

I thought it might be just what you need to hear right now, too. 

It's All for You

We move a lot for my husband’s work. I have struggled with resentment. There have been places we’ve lived where I’ve not really “lived” there at all. 

In those times and spaces, I’ve been so contracted without an ounce of gratitude of contentment or wonder. Locked away in bitterness, waiting for things to go my way - for circumstances to be what I want them to be. 

I didn’t “want” Hawaii either. The schools aren’t great, it’s expensive, locals aren’t very friendly, etc, etc…. the list of reasons not to connect? Well, I can always write a list that feels water tight. 

It was hard when we got here. 

And then, I chose to step out. I couldn’t stand to tell myself the same old tired stories - I desperately wanted a different way to be with the constant flux of our life. I chose to surf. 

At the end of my first lesson, I was sitting on the beach and I was looking out at the waves. It was as if every move we’ve ever had was rushing toward me on the waves - the good ones, the great ones, the shitty ones… all of my judgement, all of my ideas about the places we’ve been fell away.

All of a sudden, the thought washed up, “This is all for me.” This. This is for me. This life, this experience - with the adventure and the exhaustion, the deserts and the oceans, the storms and the sunshine, the exasperation and the acceptance, the tears and the howls of laughter… it is all for me. My heart broke open in pure joy. 

 Every single bit of it is for me.

Life is my surf lesson - the invitation to play, to risk. To seek and find answers in unexpected places. To open up, to dive in. To surf the waves... 

There was a moment of grace that opened up for me in that moment - I finally got that it was my choice. That nature, that life, is always inviting me to dance. Sometimes I get to pick the music and sometimes, nature asks me to show up and play with what is. Either way, I get to choose play. 

Now, I can’t get enough. 

I want to consume life in a way that leaves the world a richer place, that leaves ripples in the hearts and lives of those around me. 

Because not only is it all for me, but it’s all for you: the endless, infinite wellspring of abundant nature within you and all around that is inviting you to come out and play.

You are Invited

You are invited to embody and express your gratitude for the infinite wellspring of natural abundance within you and all around you. To appreciate the ways in which life, nature, the world, the Universe even, is all for you…


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Barbara Cox Jun 5, 2015 10:40pm

Dear Nona! Thanks for this beautiful post. Your encouragement during MBI calls last year helped me, as I hoped to coach military families in Massachusetts. Turns out, my husband got a job in Landstuhl, and I'm working at Ramstein :). Yours, Barbara Cox

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