The Power of a Vision


It was Roughly Thirteen Years Ago

I was sitting at my kitchen table with case of beer in the fridge, a half-smoked pack of cigarettes on the table and Pema Chodron's book, When Things Fall Apart in my hands. 

I could not get drunk that night. 

I was dismayed. (Which is an understatement.)

As the sun set over the Olympic Mountain Range, the brilliant orange colors lit up the Puget Sound. I closed my eyes, and I had what was the first Medicine Vision I remember having.  

What I saw changed the course of my life

I saw a very wide canyon and I was standing on one side of the great yawning chasm and I knew I was in the wrong part of the landscape. 


Two things were quite clear to me:

  1. I was lost.
  2. I needed to be on the other side of that canyon - where I would be awake and engaged, doing what I was put here to do. 

This Vision was so simple that it changed my life. 

My eyes snapped open as the last rays of sun ducked behind the mountains. I had no notion of where I was going, no idea what it was going to look like once I got "there". What I did know with incredible certainty was that the first step in getting to the other side of that canyon was to stop drinking alcohol. 

Shortly thereafter I did just that and never looked back. 

Step by step, I moved forward.

I followed the inner compass of feeling that I had experienced in that vision. Each step unfolding, my life changed rapidly. There was no list of to-do's offered up, no guaranteed brilliant future, just a deep inner knowing that I was either moving toward, or away from, the other side of that canyon. 

When I birthed my daughter at home, I knew that I had reached the other side of the canyon. I also knew that it was just the beginning of the adventure I had said yes to so many years before. Truly, it is far richer than anything I ever would have imagined for myself when I felt so very lost. 

The secret? I trusted my vision and myself. 

Over time, I've discovered that the best Visions are wide open - nothing foretold or cast in stone. The ending is always told by you, the heroine. The best Visions evoke a feeling and a sense of possibility that you feel so deep in your bones you can't help but trust. They tell a story that sparks a remembering that then invites a change in perspective and a shift in direction until you find yourself somewhere wholly new.

You are invited to trust just a little bit more. 

Whether you are feeling a little lost or are you working on a crystal clear vision, you are invited to lean into trust. Soften your focus, maybe even close your eyes and ask, "What do I know in my bones (note, I didn't say my big brain) about the very next step that I want to take?" That's all you need to know right now - what is the very next right step that you can, and will, trust.

I'll be here waiting on the other side. Promise.



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