A Wealth of Adventure


The World is Magnificent.

A wealth of beauty and adventure are ready and waiting to show you just how amazing you are - from experiences hiding in your own backyard to far-flung, exotic locations. 

When I ask the question, "What do you really want to experience in your lifetime? What are the edges you want to dance at and expand? What would take your breath away?"

More than I ever would have expected, the answer is a blank stare. 

I contend that knowing all the ways you want to devour life - the ways that you intend to shimmy up to your edges and dance them open wide is vital to knowing the depths of your capacity and ability. Vital to understanding just how magnificent the world is and vital to your deep down knowing that your ability to push your own edges is limitless and that really, no matter what, you've got this. 

Adventure and risk connect you to your wealth

Most everything beautiful is risky from honest conversations with our loved ones to learning to rock climb to marketing your newest kick ass program to swimming with sharks. Everything we really want is out beyond the field of fear and doubt that stops us in our tracks. The decision to take the courageous first step is critical - because how you do one thing is how you do everything. It may look as though signing up for singing lessons has nothing to do with creating a thriving business and bank account, but that's just not true. When you push your edges in one arena, you naturally expand your capacity for being uncomfortable (and kicking ass) in other areas. 

Speaking of getting cozy with being uncomfortable, when you decide to say yes to adventure, to play at your edges, it hones your ability to hold fear lightly instead of letting it stop you, helps you get comfortable with risk and failure (which is part of doing new things, always) and most important, fosters bravery and your ability to risk in “real” life. 

Adventure and risk shows you the truth about your Wild Wealth. You are a resourceful, courageous and strong woman. You know more than you ever thought you knew. You can do more than you ever imagined and have fun doing it. You can be uncomfortable and scared and still take the leap and experience joy. Your capacity to be filled with life-force is unlimited. 

Dancing at your edges wakes you up. Fully alive, energized and engaged. All in. Fierce. Frankly, there is nothing more magnetic than a woman awake to her own greatness and unafraid to use it, to push at those edges, to fall down and get up. 

You are invited

What adventures are waiting for you to say yes? What would take your breath away? You are invited to shimmy up to your edges and say yes to the adventure - to get to know your incredible capacity. To tap into the wealth of your own energy, courage and capacity.

Today, name twenty activities you would do for play, for fun - things that feel risky to you (note that I said risky, not dangerous. I'm not advocating doing something that will be dangerous, k?) What activities elicit a quickened heartbeat and a rush of excitement?

Where would you go? What would you try? What would you choose?

Don't wait.

Make time for epic adventure to get to know your most courageous self and notice how that spills over and ripples into the way you run your business, engage with your life and tend your bank account.

You are going to amaze yourself.  


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