A Wealth of Choice


How do you define wealth? 

Most women I know think of wealth in terms of money and either love it, hate it or are ambivalent about it. No matter where you stand on the spectrum, I want to invite you to widen your lens and define wealth for yourself. 

I'm a big fan of looking at the etymology of words - it tells a larger story about a word, it's evolution and how we collectively use it. 

The origin of the world wealth is weal: "well-being, prosperity, or happiness". It was also related to not only the well-being of the individual but also referred to the collective. Fast forward to now and our dictionary does, in fact, refer to financial wealth but the majority of the definitions refer to wealth being any resource that is available in abundance.  When we make money the sole focus of wealth, we miss the real source of wealth - the entire, rich ecosystem of wealth within and all around.  

Appreciating what you have little of is easy. Appreciating what you have a lot of takes a spiritual master.

— Tut: Notes from the Universe

A Wealth of Choice

Choice. Free-will. Autonomy. The ability to decide how to think, respond and act in any circumstance. This is at the top of the list when it comes to defining my ecosystem of wealth.  The ability and the right to choose is a facet of wealth granted to us by the place we live AND a vital piece of wealth that we can grant to ourselves by changing our internal dialog around choice. 

Choice is the wild-card. The untamed, wide-open possibility to go in any direction as far as the eye can see.

As Far as the Eye Can See

Reflect for a moment on all the choices that are available to you in any given day, hell, any given moment. 

  • I can choose to meditate, to surf, to dance wildly, to sing at the top of my lungs, to infuse my life with ritual, work for myself, get a job, to paint, to cook beautiful foods, to overwork, to sleep all day, to skinny dip, to save money or give it all away. 
  • I can decide to look at the wealth that is available to me to work with or I can choose to see lack. 
  • I can choose to walk outdoors at any hour, day or night and for the most part, be assured of my safety. 
  • I can make autonomous decisions about how to run my business, what to learn, where to focus my energy and how to raise my child. 
  • I can leave a relationship and start a new one. I can get divorced and remarried or live with someone I love just because I love them. 
  • I can buy organic foods or crappy processed foods. 

Holy choices, batwoman. The list is endless. Incredible, right?

Simply by being born and educated here or choosing to live here, in the western world, you have been granted free will and choice. And yet, how often do you stand in your own way? Deny yourself the wealth of choice available and give yourself no options? How often do you put up invisible barriers between yourself and what you really want? 

What if you stopped focusing on what you don't have and instead opened up to all the resources (wealth) that are yours or are available to you if you simply noticed? 

You are invited

I would love for you to begin widening your lens and choosing YOUR definition of wealth - what comprises a healthy and abundant ecosystem of wealth for you, personally? Name the internal resources as well as the external that you have a profusion of and of course, name the resources that you would like to introduce more of into your personal ecosystem of wealth. I'm going to guess that what is available far outweighs what you lack. 

Will you be a woman who chooses to embody your wealth? Will you be a woman who sees and celebrates and receives the wealth that is already here, already available and build on that to create more for yourself? For your greater circles of community?

I want that for you. 


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