Deep Listening


I recently found *the perfect* spot for my bird feeder - in a tree I love near the back of our home. For two days, after putting the feeder up, nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. 

Here's what I thought:

  • There is so much abundance in Hawaii, what I have to offer the birds sucks.
  • Birds prefer bugs to anything I might put out. 
  • No birds are going to eat the seed. 

I was feeling pretty sad and let down, to be honest. I love watching birds and it brings me endless delight to feed them. 

The not-so-surprising thing happened. 

On day three, a species of bird that I NEVER see (I've only seen them once in the nearly two years we've been here) showed up. {Java Sparrows!! Look at the image above... aren't they magnificent?}

Enthusiastic and delighted to gobble up my bird feed, the posse of Java Sparrows that are enjoying my feeder is growing by the day as the "bird word" spreads and other birds are visiting my tree. My back yard tree is a hot-bed of diversity and action these days.  

The messages in this metaphor abound, right? 

Put your goods in a high-visibility spot, have a little patience and know that there is an enthusiastic taker for every offer. 

Because of course, I forget those simple lessons. Maybe you do too. But ultimately, as a woman in business I'm guessing you want the same thing I want for your business - people who are excited about who you are and the brilliance that you bring to the world. People who feel a strong hell yes and can't wait to be in your presence and soak up your goodness and change their lives in the process.  

When I put the feeder up, The Wild Wealth Collective - my 2015 group offering for women in business was half full (which is awesome, right?) Yet still, I was feeling some doubt about whether the offer would really resonate with very many women - the typical wobble that I tend to feel when I put something new out into the world. 

The emptiness of the feeder spoke to me of the fear and angst I was feeling and I was able to more clearly see it, feel it and do my own internal work. As I did my work and the birds arrived, so did more amazing women who said "Hell YES!" to the Collective. 

This is the magic of nature

As I play outdoors and listen deeply, I am gifted not only with a deep connection to earth but I hear the whispers of wisdom that she has for me in the way the fire burns, the way the wind moves through the trees, the way the waves crash on the shore, the way the creatures tell me archetypal stories about my nature and what is possible. 

Business is a masculine game for no good reason.

Lots of rules and should's and linear thinking. But honestly? If I wanted that, I would go back to working in corporate. 

My nature as a female and listening deeply to the earth tells me a different story - a story of success on your terms when you honor and connect with the rhythms of the greater ecosystem, a story of harnessing your natural strengths, following the inner tug of your wild instinctual self and experiencing the vast playground of wealth and abundance that is already here, holding you and supporting you. 

I chose the path of entrepreneurship not only because I hate working for other people (and truly, I'm not fit to work for others any longer) but because I had a vision of doing life-changing work that would allow me to bring ALL of myself to the table. To do meaningful, aligned work that changes lives and generate a healthy, life-giving income for myself and my family so I can enjoy living - instead of living for my work.

The keys to creating that, for me, have been accepting, celebrating and embracing Wild Wealth within me and around me. The wisdom of nature. The wild feminine wisdom that is my nature.

Deep listening. Taking risks. And lots of play. 

What would happen if you dumped the rules you've been following around like a dangling carrot? The conditions? The belief that life and business must be done a certain way? Who would you be?

What would you unleash on the world if you listened deeply to YOUR nature?

Show me. In 2015, SHOW ME. 



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