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Wealth is misunderstood. 

In fact, I have heard so many "definitions" of wealth, it's astonishing. The root of the word wealth comes from the word "weal" which is the prosperity, well-being or happiness of the whole {Let me call this out:: of the WHOLE}. And in fact, the current definition of "wealth" in our dictionary that resonates most fully with me is, "An abundance of profusion of anything. Valuable resources." 

If your current definition of wealth is focused solely on money - well, why keep doing that to yourself? Wealth can be nutritive and life giving and SO much richer than money.

Wealth CAN be about money. Or not.

You get to choose.   

When you think of wealth solely in terms of money, you deprive yourself of your natural wealth. You rob yourself of the power to make choices from a place of knowing that you possess and are surrounded by valuable resources. You deny yourself the understanding that you and the world around you are your true source of wealth. 

You take away your power to be wealthy on your terms, in richer ways. 

A vision of wild wealth for everyone. 

What could wealth mean for you? This is my vision for you - for all of us. 

Your most valuable resource is you. Your big, beautiful heart. Your instinct and intuition. Your deep knowing of how you want to move forward. Your ability to act decisively. Your passion - what you hold dear. Your truth. Your sharp mind that you put in service to the tug of instinct and passion that you feel deep in your belly. Your fierce commitment to what is most important. 

These qualities are your source of wild wealth - your untamed nature. The fire in your belly, the flow of your emotions and intuition, the messy, contradictory perfection that is the earth of your body and your life that you root into that allows you to grow toward the light you seek, and the movement of air that breathes life and playful energy into your vision. 

Your wildness - the elements of you that are untamed - are your greatest source of wealth as a woman operating in the new economy. THIS is what brings in the money, honey. Knowing that you are a force of nature and unapologetically acting on that truth. 

Women who access their wild wealth are magnetic, they are unstoppable, and they are in touch with their innate wild nature - the source of their wealth on ALL levels. 

Connecting with your Wild Wealth.

  • Go outside, mama. The wealth of nature that is outside the walls of your office or your home is the fast-track to connecting with your innate Wild Wealth. Because frankly, I didn't know I was partially asleep until I started going outside again. To remember your true wealth, go outside and play! Quickly you will recognize yourself AS nature and nature will begin speaking to you, which leads us to the second Very Important Point around connecting. 
  • Listen to the wealth of wisdom that nature is always offering up. Ask the question and expect an answer - nature mirrors to you the wealth you possess and will offer up the wisdom you most need to take the next steps... You are a part of nature and when you reconnect with that wealth of wild wisdom, truth is revealed and inspired action follows. 
  • Trust yourself, your nature and the messy process. Nature is not linear, it's circular. Trust the cycle, trust the rhythm, trust that the next step is leading you exactly where you need to go. Trust that you are your best asset and that your wild wealth is your number one secret weapon in crafting the business and life you truly desire. 

Wild Wealth is vital to your success.

Connecting with your wealth of inner resources and accessing and respecting the wisdom of nature around you is vital and necessary to creating sustainable success that actually feels like success in your business, in your life and yes, financially. 

Only you can determine what success feels like, but success to me feels deeply alive - it uses all of my innate wealth of resources, it denies nothing about me and celebrates (actually, requires) the expression of my wild nature. It is playful, it is risky and it is messy. Just like nature. 

It's so worth the risk.

Step toward it. Let your wild soul come out to play and take risks and speak the truth. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain personally, in your business and in your bank account when you tap into the vast power of Wild Wealth within you and around you. 


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