Making Space

This week, I learned something amazing. 

I learned that we don't actually suck air into our lungs (like it might seem we do).  Can you believe it? Instead, our diaphragm, by moving downward, creates the space for air to rush into our lungs, fulfilling one of our most basic human needs.

It's air pressure - but it sounds like magic to me.

We make the space and the universe fills it for us - just like that.

What a beautiful metaphor for a business.

When I first began my business, I believed that I wasn't allowed to have fun working.  Making money had to be hard.  And people who are in service?  Well, they just don't make a living doing what they are here to do... I didn't believe people would love me just as I am.  I was very willing to create structures and show up, but my offers weren't terribly strong, because they were about trying to be someone else.  They flopped.  I winced.  I did more work on myself - cleared more space. The tide began to turn and then my business started flowing.

To some extent we all have beliefs and patterns of action (or inaction) that hold us back.  Often, when we are in business, we find that the very act of being in business brings all of the places that are murky into sharp focus.  It's the Universe, giving us feedback that we need to make some additional space for success.

Maybe there is some way you are standing in the way of the Universe rushing in with exactly what is needed. Perhaps there is a need to make space - in schedules, in structures, in energy and beliefs?  There may be ways that you are taking responsibility for the things that the Universe will do for you, easily and naturally once you make the space.

Making space takes work - in breath and in business.

The diaphragm moves down and makes space for air to rush in between 17,000 - 23,000 per day. That is no small task.

Creating space for a business is no small task, either.

Valuing yourself enough to set parameters for your family, "This is my time for work and this is my sacred space for doing my work."  Putting the structures and systems in place that will enable you to serve the people you are here to serve with ease.  Showing up in front of the people you are here to help with a strong offer, over and over again. Probably most important, letting go of beliefs about money, business, worth, and ability that can drive you into overwhelm and inaction.

It's about making clear, energetic, space for the Universe to do it's thing for you.

Where do you know you want to make more space?  Are there ways that you stand in your own way?  Where you can make more space - physically, emotionally, or energetically? Meet yourself where you are, with lots of love, resting in the knowledge that the Universe wants to rush in with exactly what you require.

Just like the breath.

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

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Starla J. King Jul 31, 2011 08:41pm

Nona, I read this post a few days ago, and have thought time and time again about the fact that I'm "allowing" air into my lungs ... making space for that to happen. What a beautiful, unique, and powerful way to see our own breathing AND the "making space" in other areas of our lives. this was another impactful post... thank you!!! xo

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