Go There.

You know how it is.

Something hurts.  You feel unmotivated, unsure of your next move, you feel like people aren't hiring you when they should hire you, your kids are acting up, you aren't making enough money, your partner isn't being supportive, your parents are sick, the work of being a business owner feels like it is beyond your capacity.

Sometimes one little pain point, sometimes lots all at once.

We rail at the universe for making it so hard.  We take it personally.  We procrastinate or we work 1,000 times harder than we want to. We think maybe it's a sign that we will never, ever, get what we really want.  That if we were able to fashion a business and a life that we love, love, love it would be taken away from us, or something else bad would happen.  What I call, the other-shoe-is-going-to-drop syndrome.

Longing to make our lives a creation of our greatest vision, but secretly afraid - we are caught in an internal battle of wills, while the universe sends us the perfect experiences, that will help us wake up to our own long-held patterns and let them go.

When in pain, it's time to go there - to to the heart of the pain.

For many of us, it seems like we get a bigger share of the universe's attention in the way of challenges, which can provoke fear, anger, and resentment (me? again? really?? WHY ME???)

You are on the Universal fast track.

Take heart. You are being asked to learn a little bit faster, because you have such an important part to play in healing this precious world we live in -- so, you have to heal yourself, first. And baby, the only way through it, is through it.

If you can open up to that, can you see that the universe is really kind?  The challenges you face are a reminder from a loving universe that there is still more to let go of, more to learn, and now is the right time.  You are being asked to peel off one more layer of stuff that doesn't fit any more, to get one step closer to the truth of who you really are, at your very core: pure fucking brilliance.

This requires courage.

To get one step closer to the core of who you really are, and a full expression of that vision in the world through your business, it will require courage to go there. To look deeply and surrender the anger and resentment, or hardening, or the beliefs that keep us stuck...  When we show up 100% and say YES to the surrender, it's such a relief.  We can get on with "it".  Things start to shift and move and change in response to the opening of our minds, our hearts, our energy, and our action.

Instead of asking, "Why me??" We can ask -- and find answers to-- the important questions, "What does this moment require from me?  What is the universe showing me?"

When we go there, we release layers that no longer serve us.

When we go there, we enter into partnership with the universe, instead of feeling like we are at it's mercy. As we embrace the lessons from the universe as perfect cues for our own healing, we can create businesses and lives that are perfect, evolving expressions of our truest nature.

Go there.  It's so worth it.

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I love this line "And baby, the only way through it, is through it." So true. Thanks again for your powerful and brilliant writing. Hxo

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