Stop Waiting


What if...

What would happen if you stopped waiting for your business to grow or for your bank account to be larger? What if you quit spending every waking moment trying to be somewhere other than where you are?

Waiting is living with false limits.

Even when it's steeped in purpose and love, life is not exclusively about your work.

Here's what I believe, though it's harder in the practice than in the preaching for someone as conditioned to live for work as I, but here goes: the biggest reason to care about your business success and financial wellbeing is simple - to live richly. The operative word being "live".

I want you to choose, define and be full on for your vision of success. But more importantly, I want you to invite your business and your money to nourish and support LIVING your wild and precious life.

Do work that's meaningful.

Do work that supports you financially.

Take care of your resources - financial and otherwise.

But don't allow work and money to distract you from the pleasure and depth of a life well lived, now.

Say yes to living your life. 

I dare you. Right now, stop waiting and live. Do your work, yes. But let the success be in how richly you live your life.

How will you begin?


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I go from devouring life to savoring and vice versa. :) I've just embarked on a whole "summer of joy", taking in the joy right here right now and living with ease. Great post. I agree wholeheartedly!

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