Expressing Your Gifts Fully in Business


Most business yoginis are reluctant business owners.

Planning, organizing, financial projections, scheduling, marketing... for many brilliant and creative healers, these ideas bring up fear and resistance (possibly revulsion) -- not to even get into actually implementing them to create a viable business!

We often think in terms of,  "This is who I am... I am not good at this.... I’m good at that..." Entire parts of the experience of being in business are set-aside because acknowledging and embracing that we are in business can be uncomfortable for those who help and heal.  This becomes a tender, sore point, because on some level, even creative, healing, business yoginis know, deep down, that without structure, it's really difficult to grow a viable, successful business.  Without a strong foundation, there is worry, fear, frantic energy, and a scattered mind.

In the physical practice of yoga, we ground ourselves so we can express postures fully.

If we try and take a balancing asana without creating a solid foundation, we will be unable to find steadiness in the posture.  It’s the same thing in our business. Without a solid foundation that supports our business, we can't fully express our gifts and talents in the world.

When we embracethe idea of having a business plan, when we learn how to schedule our time, how to accept payment, how to be consistent and persistent in our message, we are able to focus our efforts and our energy.  When we figure out how to keep track of our money and set intentions for our income, we can be at peace because we know where we stand and what we need to do.  When we compassionately and honestly evaluate what is working and what isn't working, can can make really good decisions about what needs to happen next in our business.

We ground and express in our business -- just like we do on the yoga mat.

The more stability we can bring to the base of our business, the more effortless and relaxed it can feel to be in service to our clients.  Over time, we become more skillful in the practice of our business and we can serve more people on a wider scale, because we can expand beyond what we would ever have imagined possible.  We reveal a deeper expression of our true radiance to the world through the simple (but not easy) act of creating and maintaining a solid foundation for our business.

Are there ways you could ground more fully into your business foundation so you more fully express your gifts and talents to the people who need them most?

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

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