Taking shavasana at the end of your project

Being in creation-mode is super-yummy, isn't it?

There is passion, energy, focus, and productivity. It is, for the business owners I know, a happy place to be in, because you are getting your work out into the world.

Over the last month, I've been happily in creation-mode, working on the first month of the Business Yoginis Circle. It was a tremendous amount of work -- work that was enjoyable, even when things got a bit frustrating (like, making the same video, a million different times).  Creation and lots of inspired action is incredibly satisfying.

This project threaded itself into my energy and my work, took up my mental real-estate, my journal time, and even found it's way into my yoga and meditation practice. That all-consuming, mad-creator, kind of project is the kind that I really love. Like I mentioned, especially with this project, being so dear to my heart, it became a companion, of sorts - something I carried with me, always working in some part of my brain, for, oh, three months.

Then, I finished.

Perhaps you've experienced this, too? Coming out of the creation/action state feels like.... a gaping void. Blinking eyes, looking up from the computer... with ample excess energy wanting somewhere to go and something to do. My energy hadn't caught up with the fact that the difficult part was over- it was still moving forward at a rapid rate, looking for something. Create! Act! Do!

Learning how to transition between creation and rest gracefully is big work.

For some entrepreneurs, it's putting ideas into action that causes the problem, for others (like me) it's in the slowing down.   It is not possible to constantly be in a state of action and creation (hi, burnout!), nor will we get anything done if we are resting all the time.  As business owners, it's critical to find your right rhythm and listen closely to what your body, your mind, and your business require in the moment.  We simply can't be successful without this kind of discernment.

In yoga, we practice actively, and then we rest.

The resting gives us time to integrate the awareness and alignment of our practice. To honor our connection to the natural rhythm of activity and stillness. We rest in shavasana (corpse pose), to take in how our bodies and minds feel so we can take that alignment into our daily life.

Today, I'm taking a project shavasana.

I'm taking the time to absorb how good it feels to rest after a great burst of inspired action.  To integrate that feeling of accomplishmentinto who I am.  To savor the anticipation of sharing the work I've done.  And, most important, to pull my energy back from being in overdrive, to honor the rhythm of the creative process.  It's time to rest and let go.

How do you transition between action and rest in your business?

Could you use a project shavasana today?

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

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Laurie Foley Oct 1, 2010 03:59am

Nona, you are speaking to me. I've never consider the importance of rest after a project. Wow. I'll certainly be intentional about it now. I'm sure that I need it. Thank you!!!

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