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Shifting into Hope

do the thing energy truth Oct 05, 2021

I know.

It's easy to slip into hopelessness. To be paralyzed by the state of the world. To believe that you, and your action, cannot possibly change a thing given the enormity of the challenges the world faces today. 

Take a deep breath and place your hand over your heart. Remember, you alone are not responsible to mend the woes of the world. Your work is to address what is in front of you, to address that which speaks to your heart and pulls you forward. To step forward with the hope that your actions, step by step, contribute to a more just and beautiful world. 

When you are faced with the overwhelm of the world, consider the following five shifts that can bring you back to hope - and right action. 

Five shifts to support hope and right action.

  • Resist the urge to go into react and fix mode when you encounter despair. When you react, it’s possible you are simply trying to assuage your discomfort or guilt over what is happening in the world. It is...
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Rest is Necessary for Right Action

In today's blog, I want to invite you to challenge the narratives of busyness and prioritize rest and pleasure for the health of your own ecosystem, yes, but also because it is the only way to sustainably and joyfully do what is yours to do in the world. 

Busyness is a sinister actor.   

The shady narrative that exalts exhaustion, distraction, multi-tasking, and never-ending to-do lists infuses even the noblest of causes -- maybe even more so. I mean, who has time to rest when the world is on fire? However, if we are really interested in putting out the fire and addressing the underlying capitalist assumptions of endless productivity and growth that keep us running (or running to fight the fires that are fanned), we have to slow the fuck down and become deliberate with our presence and energy. 


You can't fight fire with fire.

Let me tell you something I know in my very bones - if you are empathic if you care if you are someone who is on fire to...

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A Vision of Hope

I want to share a metaphor that helped me move from overwhelm to having a generative vision for the world that I wish to live in. At the bottom of this week's letter, I've included a visualization to help you experience the old-growth forest. My hope is that it supports you in moving from overwhelm to saying yes to what is yours to do.

Begin with hope and a vision.

To create something new, we need hope and a vision. While reading articles and literature written by Black American luminaries for one of my master’s courses, a theme emerged – racism is a problem for white people to solve. This came through over and over again, prompting me to consider what I might contribute to equity in the world.

It was in contemplation that I realized I did not have a vision for what an equitable, sustainable society would even look like. My life (like most everyone in western countries) is dependent on, and benefits from, the very structures that perpetuate (and...

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The Importance of Scope

do the thing truth Sep 14, 2021

The world is hurting right now.

What I hear a lot when it comes to addressing these larger catastrophes is, "I am one person and I can't do anything to change it." This often devolves into lots of news scrolling, overwhelm, hopelessness, and rumination. On the other hand, it can lead to willfully ignoring what is happening in the world because it's so painful. 

I get it. I have been that woman. 

However, today I want to offer a shift in perspective that I hope will lead to not only peace but putting your truth into action. 

Are you ready? Here it is.

Know your scope.

Scope is defined as the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something.

In this instance, scope is knowing your limits, understanding your capabilities, and discerning what is yours to do. 

The importance of scope was highlighted for me during the first research design project I undertook in grad school. One of the key principles of good project design is having a clearly defined scope....

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The Nudges That Just Won't Quit

Have you had those persistent nudges?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were missing a tooth and you just couldn't keep your tongue out of the space where the tooth once was, no matter how hard you tried to just leave it be?

Well, I have been prodded and nudged relentlessly by ideas and issues in that same way throughout my life -- my thoughts straying back over and over again to an idea that just would not leave me alone. Like the proverbial tongue probing the gum. 

The ideas that nudge me endlessly are usually things that scare the living shit out of me: getting sober back in my 20's, having a child, training to become a coach, starting a coaching business, living in Africa, pursuing a master's degree in my 40's FFS... the list goes on. I've been resistant and argumentative with most of the big decisions I've made in my life but in the end, I've never been sorry when I've said yes to those persistent nudges. 

I believe most, if not all of...

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3 reasons you don't experience abundance

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021


Merriam-webster tells me that the word abundance is in the top 1% of words that are searched. The official definition of abundance that Merriam-Webster gives us follows:

Definition of abundance

1an ample quantityan abundant amountPROFUSION
a city that has an abundance of fine restaurants
2AFFLUENCEWEALTH a life of abundance
3relative degree of plentifulness
low abundances of uranium and thorium— H. C. Urey

This word, this idea is the cornerstone of what the women I work with say they truly want. 

An abundance of clients.

An abundance of clarity.

An abundance of love.

An abundance of experiences.

An abundance of money.

An abundance of safety.

An abundance of beauty. 

In fact, take a moment right now (I'll wait, I promise) to write down what you want to experience in abundance. 




Take a moment with your list - some of the items on your...

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Three Signs the Scarcity Wound is Holding You Back

Scarcity is real. Scarcity is also a lie.  

Scarcity is a profound and painful experience of lack. There are people everywhere who experience the desperation of real scarcity - a lack of food, water, safety, infrastructure, money, health care, education, support, encouragement - you name it, it is possible to experience scarcity in almost any way. Having lived in Zambia and traveled throughout Africa, scarcity of material resources is evident everywhere you look. Though there are (too many) people who experience real scarcity in the United States, far more people have ample resources who still feel the painful clutch of scarcity. How can that be?

The scarcity wound refers to an inner experience of scarcity in the present moment that is based primarily on past personal, familial, and societal experiences and/or narratives. In other words, the scarcity wound leads to suffering in the present moment that isn't based on the current reality. Make no mistake, this fear...

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You are Not Stuck in a Story

Self-responsibility is powerful medicine.

At the same time, the general insistence (especially in the spiritual, healing, and personal development realm) that personal challenge = being stuck in a story is frankly, complete bullshit. It draws the attention away from what is truly being offered to you via your experience and instead, adds insult to injury via the subtle judgment that you are “stuck in a story”.

Seriously, though — isn’t it interesting that we never consider ourselves to be “stuck in a story” if it makes us feel good? If it bolsters our sense of confidence? If it brings us a sense of clarity about who we are and how the world works?

You can try and gloss over, ignore, or positive affirmation your way past the very real conditions of life that create confusion, uncertainty, and hurts of the present and the past all day long but stories: our individual and collective stories (and the sorrow, grief, anger, fear, shame, and guilt that...

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Trauma is a Human Experience

Beloved you. 

I care about the human experience of trauma. Having been diagnosed with PTS (post-traumatic stress) in my late 20's, I am deeply aware that true healing is about recovering our innate wholeness and reclaiming a sense of joy, aliveness, and connecting to self and others in meaningful ways. I am committed to this work because trauma is a human experience that we will be in relation to for the rest of our lives -- life is filled with challenges, difficulties, and stresses. Just as it is filled with beauty, joy, and delight. To understand trauma is to embrace the fullness of our human experience: both the fragility of our body psyche and the incredible resilience. 

We are taught that trauma is an event or a circumstance that is disturbing and overwhelming (see dictionary). This is a gross simplification of the truth of what trauma is, and how it impacts the body and therefore, the way we live. Not only is this a simplification, but it might incline you to dismiss...

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The Nature of Money

"Money is just dirty paper." 

I worked in a bank in my early 20's. Believe me, when you count bills all day and your fingers turn black from the counting, stacking and wrapping of different denominations of money, that is the experience of money. Dirty paper.

But if it were just dirty paper, it wouldn't take so much of our time and attention.

What is money, really? 

Money IS dirty paper. And it's also so much more.

Money is a construct, a tool - something that we collectively created and continue to agree to use. It is a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. Money is symbolic. But of what? What does money symbolize?

Money is a representation of nature.

Money is an expression of nature. A symbol that we created (out of nature herself, I might add) to serve growing economies and populations - for ease of transportation, trade, and use. Collectively, we've mostly forgotten what money represents.

Take a $50.00 dollar bill. This $50.00 bill can transform...

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