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Me: Capricorn (Scorpio rising).  Intrepid traveler.  Systems thinker.  Truthteller.  Endless learner.  Mother.  Master coach.  Healer.  Hopeful realist.  Lover of GIFs and bad jokes.

My work: I help women in business get right with money, move from scarcity to worthiness, and create deeply satisfying more-than-enough lives. That usually begins with a very important question:


What kind of world do you want to live in?

One of my mentors, Pixie Lighthorse, asked this question in a class I was in about eight years ago. It went like this:

What kind of world do you want to live in?

What are you doing to contribute to that world? 

These questions landed in my heart and continue to nudge me to grow and to become the woman I am meant to be both personally and professionally. At the same time, my biggest secret question was, "But what about the money??" Because facing the issues that need our attention might just be walking off a financial cliff (amIright?).

Living in Zambia and experiencing the vestiges of colonialism, witnessing the continued violence against BIPOC citizens in the U.S., and studying the psychology of changing hearts and minds at Harvard Extension School kept pushing me to go deeper into how we can address systemic issues personally and then in our professional spaces - including scarcity and how we come into right relationship with money. 

I love the beautiful people that I serve.

Coaches, creatives, psychologists, and healing professionals are a special breed. I find they are courageous, inspired, and most important, they care deeply about contributing to a better world. But often, they struggle to experience the satisfaction of more than enough money, time, energy, or support. 

Living in Zambia for the last four years and seeing women create miracles for themselves, their families, and their communities out of virtually nothing, and then returning to the United States, I believe that women in the west experience a deeply engrained sense of scarcity. Internalized patriarchy, racism, misogyny, outdated societal expectations, epigenetics, trauma, and a self-help culture that prioritizes individual growth and healing above all else keeps women on a hamster wheel of not-enough and takes their power away. In personal development and coaching, we typically don't address these systemic issues - but to truly transform, I believe we must.

Training & Education

I love to learn - it's one of my top values - so let me give you the highlights. I received a 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Kripalu in 2003. Since then, I have learned from and been coached by amazing mentors and teachers to amplify my own capacity for leadership, teaching, and coaching.

I studied with Martha Beck to become a Master Coach and I recently completed a master's degree in Applied Psychology at Harvard Extension School (summa cum laude) to deepen my knowledge of coaching psychology and the latest evidence-based approaches that support transformational healing and growth — in particular, how we address the pervasive, systemic issues that keep individuals from their full potential and promise.

I've also trained as a master teacher and facilitator of somatic practices such as meditation and breathwork to heal toxic stress and trauma and I’m honored to be able to bring those same teachings and practices to you.

Combine all this with my business degree, a CPA license (currently inactive), and years working in publicly traded tech companies in Seattle before becoming an entrepreneur and it almost feels like I was born this way.

Though my path has meandered, I love the way it all comes together to support leaders, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who want to take meaningful, courageous action for themselves and for the collective. 

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Since you are still with me...

I have lived all over the world and no place impacted me the way that Zambia did. Stepping off the plane directly onto the tarmac at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was an unexpected coming home for me - a white girl from the Pacific Northwest. 

One of the most striking moments for me was on a drive out in the bush when we first arrived in Lusaka. We were in a rented car with no air conditioning and wheels about the size of a toy Tonka truck. The road (really an overstatement to call it a road) was a mix of rutted dirt and big pits of what we were referring to as moon dust - a confounding super fine sand. 

With our windows rolled down to try to get some air, dust swirled around us in the car as we bumped along the road. My husband brought the car to a stop in front of a long pit that was nothing but the dreaded moon dust - could the car make it? 

At the halfway point in the pit of dust, the car got stuck. I jumped out and my feet were ankle-deep in the moon dust. I leaned into the car and innocently asked, "Are there tow trucks here?" My husband (bless him) screamed back, "THERE ARE NO TOW TRUCKS HERE WE LIVE IN AFRICA NOW!"

As I tried to push as my husband hit the gas, the car became more deeply embedded in the sand. I looked around with a bit of desperation - there was nothing but bush for as far as the eye could see and we were at least ten miles from the main road. 

Surprisingly, Zambians - dressed for what I can only guess was church (it was Sunday morning) began pouring out of the seemingly empty landscape and surrounded our car. To be honest, I was scared but a man came up to me, touched my arm, and in broken English said, "We get you out." 

Erick and Clara were still in the car, while twenty men surrounded the car and the women standing to the side yelled, "LIFT!" They lifted the car to solid ground and the smiles and hugs that I received for my gratitude astonished me. 

The entire group of Zambians disappeared back into the bush and we quietly turned around and went home, never reaching our intended destination, but the generosity and dignity of the people who willingly helped us broke me wide open. I could barely imagine the internal sense of generosity from people who quite clearly, by my western standards, had very little. 

What is possible when people who are resourced come together to move toward positive, collective change?  

I believe creating the world you wish to live in certainly begins with you as an individual doing your healing work. But it cannot stop there - our own healing is meant to spill into our families, our communities, and the collective experience. 

Certainly, you have certainly felt horrified and helpless in the face of the brokenness of the world - systemic racism, global warming, and the growing disparity in wealth between individuals and even nations, to name a few. If you want to do more, but you have been hesitant to do or say the wrong thing or you simply collapse under the weight of feeling that as one person, you can’t do anything please know, I believe in you. You have the capacity to affect greater change than you know - when you are rooted in worthiness and more-than-enough, you can take it to the next level both personally and professionally with an eye toward action on behalf of equity, sustainability, and collective thriving.


What does your more-than-enough life look like? 

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